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Aug 28, 19

New York: Uprising at Manhattan Detention Complex

Perilous Chronicle reports on a recent prison uprising at the Manhattan Detention Complex in New York.

According to NY Daily News, a group of prisoners took part in a brief riot where they obtained equipment belonging to the facility, including a gas mask, and engaged in a standoff with Correctional Officers.

The president of the Correction Officer Benevolent Association, Elias Husamudeen said in a statement that the prisoners, “attempted to overtake a housing area in the Manhattan Detention Center.”

The standoff began at roughly 9:30am when prisoners refused to exit the recreation yard, the Department of Corrections said in a statement.

The prisoners then blocked the door leading to the recreation yard to prevent staff from entering.

After a standoff that lasted roughly an hour, Emergency Services Unit officers entered the facility around 11am and ended the uprising.

According to the DOC, there were no injuries as a result of the events.

“The inmates were angry about who they were permitted to spend recreation time with and were demanding to spend recreation time with whomever they wanted,” said Husamudeen.

The Manhattan Detention Complex, also known as the Tombs, houses men and women awaiting trial at Manhattan Criminal Court.


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Article published: 8/21/19

Header photo source: NY Daily News

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