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Apr 26, 16

All The News You Didn’t Even Know Was Going Down

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So it fucking went down in Georgia, didn’t it?

In addition to an inspiring statement published by All Out Atlanta, an account of the morning’s counter-protest was also published by Making Noise in the South:

Protesters found a route through the woods around the [police] blockade, scaling the side of the mountain near the walk-up trail, crossing train tracks, trying to make our way toward Yellow Daisy. This threw the security crew’s plans to keep protesters separated, as had been reported in the news days before, out the window. They didn’t seem to have a solid backup plan.

As we made our way up the hill toward the triangular split where Robert E. Lee Blvd and Jefferson Davis Dr. split, police set up another barricade. There was a 20-minute standoff, which was a mistake on their part because it gave protesters an opportunity to regroup.

Some protesters tossed smoke bombs into the riot squad. Others tossed rocks. Another group set up a barricade of metal gates, logs, pallets, boulders, and other protective barriers.

This part of the protest brought a refreshing show of cross-racial solidarity and resistance[.]

Don’t forget to donate to the legal fund for everyone arrested in Stone Mountain!

Also check out this video from Stone Mountain, of what happens when one of the white supremacists drives past the protest yelling racial slurs.

If that video just isn’t enough for you, also check these out from earlier this month:

Preachers against trans-friendly bathrooms at a Los Angeles high school were “roughed up” a bit too:

Class War

The Verizon strike that we covered in last week’s round up has certainly escalated since then. Not only are scabs being kicked out of their hotels due to pickets, but are having their dispatch centers picketed too. In addition, Verizon has admitted that sabotage of fiber optic cables has been through the roof.

Also, protests and disruptions continue in the Driscoll’s Berries boycott, with groups such as the Brown Berets continuing to take action in Wattsonville. Driscoll’s was also chased out of Earth Day in Wattsonville – nice!

Indigenous Resistance

Since last week, the #OccupyINAC sit-in in Toronto has disbanded whilst occupations continue in several other cities. The limits of these reform-oriented sit-ins have become clear (if they weren’t from the start) and encounter many familiar hurdles. The inherent limits of demands aside, demanding to meet with officials or staff is a recipe for disappointment every time. And then there’s this:

When two police officers showed up at the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) office in Winnipeg, where protestors have been peacefully occupying for 12 days, the group figured the worst.

Instead, a moment that Ketchum said could have gone bad, a protestor invited the officers inside to smudge and participate in the sharing circle. She began recording on her camera.

“I just wanted to extend an offering of peace and respect,” one police officer told the group, “You guys have got a legitimate concern for your brothers and sisters…we just wanted to see if there is anything we can do and, you know, extend a hand.”

The group erupted into cheers[.]


In less depressing news, opposition continues against the Petronas gas project:

The fight over a mega gas pipeline project in British Columbia reached Ottawa Tuesday as chiefs and stakeholders opposed to the proposal shared a stage to get their message out.

“If they approve this project, I think (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) declared war on the people who are concerned about this system,” said Gerald Amos, chair of the Friends of Wild Salmon on behalf of the chiefs assembled.

Wait, no this is still depressing. Uh oh, things get worse:

A new study says a hydroelectric dam currently in the works in Newfoundland and Labrador could expose more than 200 Inuit people to excessive levels of methylmercury, the most toxic form of mercury.

Well it’s safe to say that everything sucks. Well maybe if the police officers are friendly enough and elected officials hear us out, we can stop all this stuff, right? That’s how it works, right?

Mexico on Fire

Mass marches and protests happened throughout Mexico against gender violence and femicide, with anarchists participating.


In San Francisco, a hunger strike has started that is demanding that the police chief stop down in the wake of high profile murders of Alex Nieto and Mario Woods and inaction by the District Attorney. Police have also remained in hot water due to continued leaks of racist and anti-black texts between officers.

Marches and protests marked the one year annivesary of the police murder of Freddie Gray.

In rural Georgia, several immigrant detainees have started a hunger strike.


Washington D.C. saw a creative re-emergence of the bus blockade tactic, this time instead of a tech shuttle a developer bus was targeted.

On the 19th of April, some of DC’s gentrifying developers held a “space finding” bus tour of Anacostia looking for convenient places to displace local people and build new settlements for the wealthy. Like the settlers who came before them, they found they were not welcomed by those they seek to evict from their homes. Protesters from Empower DC and Black Lives Matter blocked the streets and forced them to turn back. Cops ordered the bus driver to reverse out of the trap, then arrested one of the activists to retaliate for driving off the condo builders and their bus.

It is far too easy for these types of protest to remain political affairs, however they present an opportunity to materially disrupt certain aspects of the gentrification process.

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Fire to the Elections

We want to take a moment to appreciate how seriously stupid this election is and how people on all sides rooting for a new manager to this nightmare of capitalist civilization are sliding further and further down the poop shoot.

On the Left, websites such as In These Times have given up hope of Sanders winning (surprise, surprise) and instead hope that he can “reform the Democratic Party,” which of course would be probably the worse possible outcome. Yes! More involvement and energy spent on the the most repressive, racist, and recuperative political party in all history! Just what we need right?

The Black Agenda report has done a good job of smacking the shit out of the delusions of the #FeeltheBern crowd and many have started to set their sights on Hilary Clinton as just a worthy target for protest and disruption as Trump, as many on the Right move to support the former 1st lady.

Also in the last couple of weeks, both Bill Clinton and Obama have gone after the Black Lives Matter movement in an attempt to unite their support base (with a huge black core) around policies of mass incarceration, continued mass police murder, and rampant poverty. As Mumia Abu-Jamal recently wrote:

Bill Clinton, perhaps the best raw political animal of his generation, said a mouthful recently, especially when he confronted activists from the ubiquitous Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

There, the primary political architect of the Mass Incarceration phenomenon of the ’90s defended his position with classic Clintonian doublespeak. He argued that the imprisonment boom that he fathered was done to protect Blacks–from other Blacks! Qouth Clinton: “How can you defend those vicious gang leaders who sent 13-year-olds into the streets to do their killing?!” This, in response to Hillary Clinton’s venal denunciation of “super-predators,” which gave rise to the greatest imprisonment boom on earth, was defended by Clinton in a way only Bill Clinton could have done.

Essentially, he argued, ‘We did it for you.’

One needs to go back to the tortured prose of the Dred Scott decision to find something so audacious. There, that old slaveowner and chief justice, Roger Brooke Taney argued that ‘the negro was subjected to slavery for his own benefit.’

I guess great minds think alike, huh?

Bill Clinton unleashed the greatest imprisonment boom in American history, to protect Black folk from Black children—y’know, the ‘super-predators’. This is Clintonism. Neo-liberalism — so-called ‘compassionate conservatism’—for the good of the natives!

Voting for Clinton promises more of the same.

Good luck with that.


Anti-fascists in Sacramento are gearing up for a rally planned by the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Matthew Heimbach’s organization for those unfamiliar.

On June 26th 2016, the Traditionalist Workers Party is planning a rally in Sacramento but have yet to announce a location. The founder of TWP is Mathew Heimbach who is closely affiliated with several white power and neo nazi gangs throughout the United States including The Sacto Skins, National Socialist Movement, California Skinheads (CAS), Hammerskin Nation and the Ku Klux Klan. Heimbach punched a black female protester at a Donald Trump rally in Louisville , Kentucky earlier this year.

Anti-Fascist Action Sacramento does not believe in giving hate a platform and we are calling upon the community to say no to racism. We will be following these groups and persons activities very closely and updating this page as necessary.

Elsewhere in California, the Soldiers of Odin plan to meet up in Lodi Lake this weekend.

Now the Soldiers of Odin have organized a “meet-up” event for those interested in their racist organizing project, one that is not a public event and instead a private gathering dedicated towards furthering organizing projects.  In California, a meet-up is planned for April 30th at Lodi Lake Park, in Lodi, CA.  Topher Justis, one of the U.S. Soldiers of Odin organizer who has been active online, seems to be one of the key organizers of this.

In an effort to call attention to the racial violence that is embedded in the Soldiers of Odin project, as well as to demoralize their plans, this would be a great event to have an anti-fascist contingent attempt to attend and counter-protest.  If you would like to go under the radar, you could also attend and send in a report back that could further aid anti-fascist counter organizers to give inside information on plans, specific organizers, and hard information.

The rest of the article provides an in-depth look at the Soldiers of Odin organization.


People at the Gil Tract farm in Albany, CA near Berkeley on Earth Day attempted to halt construction and reclaim more land.

May Day

Before signing off, don’t forget that May Day is less than one week away! It would be nearly impossible to list all the events happening around the continent this day, (or course, if you want to and make our jobs easier please do so and submit that to us) but make sure to check out what happening in your region!

Besides the annual events commemorating International Worker’s Day, (and the violent anarchists who started it) this year prisoners in Alabama also plan on striking for May 1st. So far, New York has planned a noise demonstration that night, we hope other cities will also act in solidarity with prison rebels too.

And a few quick shout outs:

Until next week…

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