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Nov 2, 18

No Hate in Toronto: Protesting and Disrupting White Nationalist Steve Bannon

What follows is a discussion with anti-racist organizers Sharmeen Khan and Rachel Small on recent resistance to Steve Bannon.

In this No Borders Media audio dispatch (October 31, 2018), we speak with two organizers of the Bannon-Frum Toronto UnWelcoming Committee, who are attempting to protest, disrupt and shut down this Friday”s Munk Debate event  in downtown Toronto. The event features right-wing neo-liberal David Frum and right-wing white nationalist Steve Bannon, in a so-called debate.

Sharmeen Khan, of No One Is Illegal Toronto, and Rachel Small of the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network and Council of Canadians address the arguments in favour of a vigorous campaign of opposition and de-platforming of the active enablers of far-right racism, particularly Trump ideologue Steve Bannon. We also discuss together strategies and tactics of resistance to the rise of the far-right, and the normalization of the politics of hate and blame.


No Borders Media is an autonomous left-wing media network. We share and create content that supports the struggles of communities in resistance, with a focus on the self-determination struggles of Indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and working class people of colour in the context of opposition to capitalism and colonialism. Some current focuses include: migrant justice, resistance to borders, anti-fascism and anarchism.

We are in the early stages our independent media project. To stay in touch send us an e-mail at [email protected] or look for No Borders Media on facebook, twitter and soundcloud. Much more to come in the coming weeks and months.

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