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Nov 7, 17

No More Illusions Issue #4 Hits the Streets

Download and Print Here

The fourth issue of No More Illusions: A Journal of Solidarity and Defense is now making its way through the alleys and avenues of Michigan. 500 copies were distributed at the state-wide S&D meeting yesterday, and more are on their way.

This issue features:
– a letter written by a worker at a staffing agency in Detroit pressuring his boss to not staff an event that Steve Bannon is speaking at
– a book review of Mark Bray’s book on the history of Antifascism
– a piece from friends in Houston who fought off a fascist attack on their book fair
– as always, blurbs of resistance from around the globe, ordinary people fighting back, and a gentle but important reminder: “Fuck the Democratic Party”

You can download the pdf here.
Or you can read more about the newsletter here.

Also, get in touch if you want a stack mailed to you.

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