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Sep 22, 21

Announcing the Summer 2021 Issue of No More City

Announcing the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of anarchist publication No More City out of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh territory in so-called Vancouver, Canada.

We are an anarchist publication based out of so-­called Vancouver. We are are a collective of cats who live in the city because that’s where pals and projects are at. Our intention with this publication is to document a history that exists in the whispers between friends, in anonymous communiques and midnight actions and in bits of knowledge passed on through word­ of­ mouth or online archives; a history that is excluded from textbooks and corporate ­media accounts of time and place. We have had to dig to find this knowledge, and want to lessen the amount of searching that future anarchists have to do. We hope that by adding to the historical anarchist continuity, we can strengthen the shared, inter-­generational knowledge of our communities. Any picture of the past we put together will be flat and fragmented, void of the texture and energy of the Real Thing when it happened in a Now. (You can read more about us on our website

This issue (our third one!) was written and put together over the course of around 8 months, amidst the rampant pandemic and ecological destruction caused by the climate crisis. Extreme heat waves, drought, the worst fire season in knowledge in so called bc, and ecosystem destruction caused devastating non­human animal murders. From the many animals missing out on their regular prey/ food because of changing climate, billions of starfish and oysters murdered in the heat wave, all the forest creatures killed in and lost their homes to forest fires, all the creatures who died of dehydration due to months without rain, all the creatures who were pushed into cities because of logging, extractive industries, and the loss of their food sources, only to be deemed a nuisance and “culled” here in the city.

This issue found us wanting to recognize and value the undervalued community ­oriented projects, mutual aid, care work, self love and care, and emotional reflections rather than only centering macho, patriarchal, and ableist ideas of what revolutionary action is like destruction, sabotage, etc. (Childcare collectives are direct action too!) In this vein, we were intentional about interspersing typical communiques of sabotage with other kinds of direct action in the form of theory building and art. We want to underscore the importance of considering all forms of direct action together, and not just the “shiny” or “exciting” parts.



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Disclaimer: We are here to celebrate accomplishments, critique failures, and mourn losses. We as a group exist to publish and lift up other people’s actions, not to directly engage. There are other awesome groups that are organizing actions on this territory, but we are not those folks. The writing we publish is not necessarily our own accounts, nor do all contributors views reflect our own. TLDR: We don’t believe in anything we say and nor do we do any of it.

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