No Nazis at HEB! Antifascism at a Texas Grocery


Antifascists in Texas flyered a grocery chain calling for the firing of Erik Sailors, who in the last several weeks has been outed as a violent neo-Nazi connected to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Update: IGD has gotten word that Erik Sailors has been terminated from his job at HEB.

Despite a mounting online campaign, Texas grocery chain HEB has not been forthcoming with information about the employment status of Erik Mitchell Sailors, a “Network Directing Officer” for the Fascist organization Patriot Front. Reviews questioning an HEB branch in San Marcos, TX have been deleted from their Facebook, and calls to their management were met with vague statements about “the situation [being] investigated.”

Believing the people of San Marcos deserve real answers, CenTex ARA and some friends took a little shopping trip. Fliers informing residents about the threat posed by Sailors, who placed racist banners at Texas State University and attended the deadly rally in Charlottesville, were distributed inside the store. Aisle after aisle were quickly leafleted during prime shopping hours, ensuring a hundred or more customers would have been encouraged to defend their town’s safety.

HEB management is starting to learn that the people of Texas have no patience for “investigations” when it comes to violent Fascists, and that this issue won’t be swept under the rug and forgotten. Sailors and his Patriot Front friends threatened an Anarchist Book Fair in Houston, stole a banner from a Latinx bookstore in Austin, and even attacked anti-gentrification protesters. There will be no compromise in defense of our communities and no compromise on Erik Sailors.

The San Marcos Athletic Club, an affordable spot for working class people and students to train, should also be encouraged to terminate the membership of Sailors and his Fascist associates.

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