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Jan 20, 17

No, We’re Not Paid by Soros: But You Back a Billionaire for Free

From Crimethinc

On the contrary—this tweet is a propaganda fail from the right.

Flagrant lying like this is fundamental to the right-wing program. They simply cannot admit that any ordinary person would want to take a stand against their supposedly populist program. Next time you hear allegations about protesters being paid, ask what evidence is being cited. Anyone who knows the participants in these protests knows that they are paying out of their pockets to be in DC, at tremendous risk to themselves, in order to do what they believe to be right—as an end in itself. That sets them apart from the police, who are just mercenaries who disclaim all responsibility for their actions, and from Trump supporters, who are supporting a billionaire in the deluded hope that he will improve their economic conditions—rather than just enriching himself further at their expense.

It is especially ironic that supporters of Donald Trump would allege that those who resist him are being paid by George Soros. Trump supporters are the ones supporting a billionaire intent on accumulating power for himself. They have to spread outright lies about the opposition to distract attention from the fact that they are openly taking the side of the ruling class. No conspiracy theory is necessary here: it’s all taking place right in front of our faces. The lines are drawn between the people and the toadies of the rich, and no lie can obscure who is who.

Let’s talk about the grassroots protesters who came to DC today, the ones who are not associated with any organization or party. They are not being paid by anyone. Historically, the only money that such protesters have received has come from lawsuit settlements: hush money paid by the DC police to cover up their own illegal activity. If you add up all the settlements paid out by the DC police department since the turn of the century, it totals well over $22 million. Think about that: in less than twenty years, the DC police have engaged in over $22 million worth of illegal activity—just counting the times they got caught. That’s hypocrisy for you: the authorities break the laws that they wrote themselves to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, under the pretense of enforcing them.

This tells you something about the nature of the state itself. The members of any other organization that were caught committing $22 million worth of violent criminal activity would go to prison, but police officers get promotions and awards and public relations campaigns. The police are simply the biggest gang—that’s the only thing that’s special about them. That’s why they get to call the shots.

No wonder so many of the people protesting in Washington, DC today consider the state to have no legitimacy. Like all ethical people, they are more concerned with abiding by their consciences than obeying the orders of jackbooted thugs.

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