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Jul 26, 17

Keep Nazis Out of Charlottesville Hotel Rooms! Call-In to #DefendCville

On August 12th, a “greatest hits” of far-right, alt-right, neo-Confederate, and neo-Nazi scumbags will descend on Charlottesville, VA as part of their “Unite the Right” event. Their gathering is specifically designed to heal previous wounds and factionalization between their own groups. They also hope to manipulate and build on [some] white folks’ resentment at the taking down of Confederate monuments, itself a victory of the Black Lives Matter and anti-racist movements efforts in recent years, as a way to build their organizations in the South.

To do so, they need somewhere to sleep when they come to town. Not the brightest of stars in the sky, some disgusting racists recently sought to give some infrastructural advice to other out-of-town Nazis on housing, among other things, in a public forum:


So we are asking comrades from around the country to take a few minutes out of your busy schedules in the next few days to call each of the hotels on this list (reprinted below) and encourage the manager or whomever to take a stand against the racist, “Unite the Right” rally on August 12th. Fortunately, some other businesses in the downtown/mall area of Charlottesville have already gotten on board; we’re hoping the disgusting example of the organizers’ racism in this 4chan forum can help convince other establishments to deny housing to the Nazis as well.

Some talking points:

  • “Unite the Right organizers have EXPLICITLY told their participants to target “(n-words) and other degenerates” in a public post, in which they list your hotel as a place to seek accommodation.”
  • “Other businesses in the mall area have already stood up against these racists, and posted signs saying that business will be denied to anyone sporting confederate, fascist, or otherwise racist imagery.”
  • “We invite you to join other businesses in making Charlottesville a town free from fascism and white supremacy.”

Thanks for taking the time do this, and if you can make it to Charlottesville, please come! Future details, calls, and other info will be available at

The List of Hotels:

The Townsman


South Street Inn


Omni Charlottesville Hotel


Residence Inn (Marriott)


Hampton Inn & Suites


Courtyard Inn (Marriott)


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