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Feb 2, 17

No Tolerance in the Bay: A Few Less Proud Boys

Though the Proud Boys are only a splinter in the ass of Trump’s white supremacist empire, they prove to be dangerous and pitiful at the same time. Here is one account of a fringe incident the night that the Bay Area shut down Milo Yinnnnnnaknowho at UC Berkeley.

Hella late to the 3,000-4,000 folks protesting Milo and the fascism of our generation at Sproul Plaza, we rolled up on the MLK auditorium to a small group of people defending a barricade of the parking garage. After a quick exchange, we stayed at the barricade and they left. Immediately, a masked comrade ran up on us shouting, “Build the wall march coming!” We turned to the right and saw a small column of 25-40 white men with preppy Fred Perry polos and baseball hats, of which we later learned is the unofficial Proud Boy* uniform. They moved toward us chanting, “BUILD THE WALL, BUILD THE WALL!”

One comrade ran from the barricade toward the larger crowd for reinforcement. We turned to confront them, then fights and scuffles broke out. One fool in a pepe shirt called us faggots as we outed them as nazi slime. When one comrade smashed the iPhone out of an amateur nazi’s hands to the ground, they only could respond with pathetic self-pity, “Smashing my phone, really?” Another comrade close by was body slammed from behind by a creepy-looking Proud Boy with glasses and a green A’s hat (pictured below).

A small bloc of reinforcement began to gather and understand what was happening. Someone shouted that they voted for Hillary in an attempt to confuse the crowd (no one cared), 2-3 Proud Boys were fought back with the might of a barrage of sticks. Blood was drawn instantly; the white-supremacist antagonizers either ran or tried to regroup, even trying to reason with the anti-fascists. Not surprisingly, to the aid of the remaining Proud Boys were a few plainly clothed liberals who inserted themselves into a physical confrontation with bloc folx to protect the Neo-Nazi sympathizers. Prior to the final melee, a lone self-identified, laced up boot neo-nazi was clubbed and knocked out for talking shit about Mexicans, which was the end of the boys.

At this point, it was hard to tell who was who, but we knew we were victorious and that their march was obliterated.

Working under their veil of white supremacy, the proud boys played victim to the resistance that met their patriarchal, soft-boy antagonization. Only when the reinforcement bloc arrived did these fascists attempt dialogue, but we weren’t interested in dialogue, and we still aren’t. The Bay Area is a no-nazi zone. WHITE SUPREMACY IS NOT WELCOME HERE. The comrades who hurled the simplistic shouts of ‘NO TOLERANCE!’ at not only the Proud Boys, but also pacifist liberals hope those words ring endlessly in the minds of fascist fucks and their sympathizers.



*A politically diverse group, the Proud Boys have in common a love of Trump, a hatred of immigrants, refugees, and leftists, and a tolerance of neo-Nazism. Their blog hawks Western Chauvinism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia on a daily basis. More info here.

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