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Dec 9, 17

#NOACP: Fighting the ACP and MVP Pipelines in Virginia

Photo from Jason Lappa

In this episode we discuss with a guest from #NoACP, the ongoing resistance to both the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) in Virginia. Moreover, we touch on the connection between the pipelines themselves and the Trump administration, and also how the pipelines bosses are responding to growing public anger to pipelines and the danger they pose in terms of spills, leaks, and explosions, as well as their connection to climate change.

We also talk about the state of the anti-pipeline and anti-extraction movement across North America, going into 2018. Our guest emphasises that the movement is growing stronger and that there is broad support for resistance to pipelines, however much needs to be done in terms of activating people to support physical on the ground action, and we talk about ways that people outside of areas affected by pipelines can offer aid to ongoing direct action campaigns.

The fight against the ACP and the MVP has been underway for already four years, and has already delayed construction of the pipeline for one year. In doing so, the organizing has brought together rural people, people living in cities, indigenous people, and those who are threatened with eviction in the pipeline’s path.

With a vote on the ACP happening over the next week which is expected to end with a green light for construction, (one for the MVP having already gone through), we hope that this timely interview encourages people to get involved with the ongoing battles happening across the US against the black snake. Lastly, we end by talking about End of the Linean ongoing podcast about the growing anti-pipeline movement in the US.

More Info: No ACP on Twitter and on Facebook, Pipeline Overview, and End of the Line.

Music: 21 Savage

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