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Noise Demonstrations Ring in New Year with Resistance

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Across the US, Canada, and the world, people rang in New Years with noise demonstrations outside of jails, detention facilities, and prisons. Many cities come out in force despite extreme low temperatures. Here’s a roundup of what all went down:

Montreal, QC: 

Large crowd marches and shoots off fireworks. A report submitted to IGD read:

Around 100 people marched through the -35 C deepfreeze to show solidarity with those locked inside four prisons near Montreal—including a women’s prison and a migrant detention facility. When the cops tried to stop the crowd from getting near the facilities, the crowd just went through the police line. Folks set off fireworks, banged pots and pans and drums, rattled fences and drummed on overturned garbage cans to make noise. Tout le monde déteste la police!

To read another report back, go here.

Hamilton, ON: 

Noise demonstration held outside of facility.

Omaha, NB: 

Omaha Anarchist Black Cross has written a report back here:

A noise demonstration outside the Douglas County Jail on New Year’s Eve was well received by those locked inside. Inmates waved in the high windows and wiped them down with wet cloth, which temporarily reduces the opaque glaze meant to shield their view to the outside.  They banged along to our drum beats as more arms and heads became visible in the windows.

Portland, OR: 

Noise demonstration took place.

Seattle, WA: 

Noise demonstration took place outside of a variety of facilities.

Oakland, CA: 

Report of 40 people coming together for noise demonstration.

Phoenix, AZ: 

Austin, TX: 

Noise demonstration took place.

Dallas, TX: 

Noise demonstration organized with music and fireworks.

Cincinnati, OH: 

Noise demonstration organized outside of facility. Video of the demonstration was posted:

Milwaukee, WI: 

A report from the organizers:

Members of the community and several organizations came out on a frigid New Year’s Eve to attempt to make the inhumane conditions at MSDF more visible as well as to make enough noise that people inside would know there are others outside who care about them. We will be doing more demonstrations in the future. Please check out the page online as well as many of the partnered groups in the Coalition to Shutdown MSDF; Milwaukee IWW: Members and Allies (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee); EXPO Ex-Prisoners Organizing; Black and Pink: Milwaukee; WISDOM (and it’s affiliates); UBLAC, and many more. #closeMSDF

Chicago, IL: 

Rowdy noise demonstration took places with banners, chanting, and shooting off fireworks.

Minneapolis, MN: 

People braved below freezing temperatures to hold a noise demo. Read report back here.

Bloomington, IN:

Noise demonstration took place with around 30 people participating.

Asheville, NC: 

Noise demonstration was sadly cancelled due to icy roads.

Durham, NC: 

Noise demonstration and march took place outside of jail.

Norfolk, VA: 

Coalition of the IWW, Black Lives Matter, and other organizations held a noise demo and speak out. Here’s a video:

Gainesville, FL: 

Noise demonstration took place. Video from noise demo here:

Baltimore, MD: 

Noise demonstration took place.

Philadelphia, PA: 

Noise demonstration took place outside a Federal Detention Facility.

New York, NY: 

Large crowd was out on the streets of New York:

Around the World: 

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