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Dec 31, 19

Noise Demonstrations Across North America Being Organized Outside of Detention Centers, Jails & Prisons

For years, anarchists, abolitionists, and autonomous anti-capitalists have marked New Year’s Eve with noise demonstrations in an attempt to let those locked inside know that they are not alone and that there is a growing movement on the outside against prisons and the world that produces them. In recent years, the tactic of noise demonstrations has spread; from supporting the prison strikes, to fighting Biden’s Crime Bill, to being used in larger struggles in support of ongoing prisoner revolt.

This year, its exciting to see the tactic of the noise demonstration spreading to outside of many ICE detention facilities, especially at a time when resistance to mass detention is needed now more than ever. We see these actions being organized by coalitions of autonomous, socialist, and Black Lives Matter organizations. Also, in Alexandria, Virginia, a noise demonstration is being organized outside of the prison caging political prisoners Jeremy Hammond and Chelsea Manning.

2019 has a landmark year in terms of supporting our comrades facing repression. From the end of the J20 trial, attacks on No More Deaths volunteers, antifascists across the country facing harsh prison sentences, the Vaughn 17 case, the Tucson 12 (who faced trumped up felony charges stemming from a noise demonstration), dealing with the intersections of far-Right conspiracy theories and “homeland security,” organizing call-in campaigns to support prisoner struggles and demands – we’ve learned a lot this year. Let’s work to turn these lessons into material solidarity and the strength to continue into the future.

As abolitionist ideas become more accepted and in some instances, even enter the mainstream and political dialog, let’s continue to experiment and act; encouraging people to join us both in the joy of revolt and in the day to day organizing of autonomous projects.

The wrong ICE is melting, the wrong Amazon is burning!

Fire to the prisons! Free them all!

Happy New Year!

Noise Demos Happening Across North America:

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