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Jan 1, 19

Noise Demos Ring In NYE Against Backdrop of Prison Slavery

This year in over 20 cities across the US and Canada, anarchists, abolitionists, autonomists, and other rebels took part in noise demonstrations on New Year’s Eve, as has become an ongoing tradition within the movement. Demonstrations were organized outside of a variety of facilities, jails, prisons, and detention centers, and occurred against a backdrop of not only continued struggle and action against prison slavery, migrant detention, and child separation, but also growing anger to the carceral State in general.

2018 saw the eruption of the second national Prison Strike this fall, again thrusting into the national conversation the voices of prisoners and their call for the abolition of prison slavery. While in the wake of the strike, some politicians and pundits have started to tout piece meal reforms, local groups are having a real impact. In Florida for instance, where Gainesville IWOC has been active in showing solidarity with near non-stop prisoner led action, the San Francisco Bay View reports:

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, the Alachua County Commission unanimously voted to become the first elected authority in Florida to end the use of slave contracts from the Department of Corrections (FDOC).

The 2018 prison strike also grew to include prisoners in so-called Canada as well as hunger strikers at the immigrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington. One hunger striker at this facility, Mergensana Amar, 40, sadly passed away in late November after almost three months of being on hunger strike. Amar was scheduled to be deported back to Russia the same month following his asyulm request being denied. According to Amar, he was fleeing violence in Russia, and feared that he would be murdered upon his potential return.

As of this writing, a new hunger strike has begun on December 11st at the Tacoma facility, as Northwest Detention Center Resistance wrote:

Up to 32 hunger strikers continue into the 13th day of food refusals in protest of deplorable conditions and abuse they face at the Northwest Detention Center, despite threats of solitary confinement and force feeding. The long list of abuses reported at the Northwest Detention Center include food served spoiled or with maggots and other bugs, payment of only $1 per day, harassment from guards, and repeated denial of adequate medical attention.

2018 also saw the eruption of the #AbolishICE movement, which saw the creation of a variety of blockades and encampments across the US in the wake of Trump’s policy of family separation. During their existence, the camps had a significant impact on ICE’s ability to process and house migrant detainees, and in Tornillo, Texas, resistance continues outside of the facility which is housing almost 2,000 thousand children, among many other migrants. On New Year’s Eve, a blockade was erected outside of the facility.

Meanwhile, along the border, the US fired teargas into Mexico at 150 people, who US authorities claim were attempting to cross border while also engaging in “rock throwing.” According to AP:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement later Tuesday that the gas was used to target rock throwers apart from the migrants who were trying to cross.

With 2019 set to be just as an explosive year, we hope that the bonds made and reaffirmed in the streets this New Year’s Eve prepares us for the road ahead, as we continue to make connections with those also fighting on the inside.

Happy new year!

Seattle, WA

Noise demo and rally held outside of Juvenile Hall facility. Sound system took song requests.

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Best noise demo / request hour at the Juvi ! Damn we love the kids !! Free Manny free AK Free Enemy !!!! Fuck SPD !!!

A post shared by 3AP (@no_jail_no_juvi_) on

Portland, OR

Noise demo held outside of jail in Portland; attacked by police and dispersed.

Spokane, WA

Noise demo and rally held.

Tacoma, WA

A rally and noise demonstration took place outside of the Northwest Detention facility where people shot off fireworks. A hunger strike is also currently happening inside the facility, having started on December 11th and involving 32 people, according to the group, Northwest Detention Center Resistance.

Oakland, CA

Around 25 people rallied and shot off fireworks outside of Glenn Dyer Jail in Downtown Oakland. Read report back here.

Sacramento, CA

Around 30 people rallied outside of the local jail and gave out anarchist and anti-prison booklets to passersby, some of whom honked in support. A participant in the demonstration told It’s Going Down, “People inside waved back at us and mimicked some of our visible gestures.”

Omaha, NB

Called off due to weather.

Milwaukee, WI

Group converged outside of two different facilities, drops banners, and sets off fireworks. Report back here.

Minneapolis, MN

Noise demo and rally was held. Fireworks shot off.

Chicago, IL

Noise demo took place. Fireworks shot off.

Philadelphia, PA

Noise demo took place. Report back here.

Flyer handed out to public during noise demonstration.

Baltimore, MD

Noise demo took place.

Tornillo, TX

Encampment outside of children’s detention centers turns into blockade of entrance. See report here.

Austin, TX

Noise demo took place. On participant told It’s Going Down, “Noise, fireworks, started a few minutes before midnight and went for about 30-60 minutes.”

Asheville, NC

Noise demonstration and light projection rally held.

Boone, NC

Noise demo and rally held.

Durham, NC

Noise demo and rally held.

New Orleans, LA

Noise demo and rally held.

Richmond, VA

Noise demo and rally held.

Gainesville, FL

Noise demo and rally held outside of prison facility.

Join us!!

Karrie Kay 发布于 2018年12月31日周一

New York, NY

Large rally took place despite pouring rain. Prisoners responded with turning lights on and off in the windows.

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Even in the pouring rain we all showed up in mass in solidarity for all those incarcerated at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Shout out to all the noise makers marking the new year with a lot of love and support. Hope that we all start off the new year with the same energy supporting the prisoners in various capacities. Until all the prisons are burned to the ground & til all are free ???

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Montreal, QC

Hamilton, ON

Over 30 people gathered for a noise demo. Report back here.


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