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Nov 10, 16

NOLA Turns up against Trump

Submitted to It’s Going Down

New Orleans November 9th,

The day after the election a crowd gathered around one of this cities more odious monuments: the statue and obelisk of General Lee. The choice of locations, while perhaps tactically questionable, did serve to link the election with the larger apparatus of white supremacy. This would become a reoccurring theme throughout the night.


After a number of speeches, some rousing, others tedious — as well as some monument redecoration, the crowd was on the move. Fireworks trumpeted our rejection of both Trump and his cabal and the entire charade of electoral politics. Revolutionary slogans were scrawled across the supplicating walls of the city’s Central Business District: silent and sterile no more. Several Police cruisers, too slow or stupid to move aside, themselves became canvases. The facade of a Chase bank was crumpled inwards and with it any lingering doubts about the nature of capital’s relationship to the state — in spite of the best efforts of millennial peace police to yoke and obscure folks insurrectionary impulses.


As the march wound its way through the city’s famed French Quarter participants were met with enthusiasm — that is except for an over-eager security guard who attempted to nab one of our comrades. His ill-advised enthusiasm for the interests of his corporate masters was met with some revolutionary enthusiasm of our own, and he was left cowering in an alley, knuckles white around his baton. No arrests were made.


Eventually, the march made its way back to monument where folks, drunk on revolutionary fervor and inspired by glimpses of a different world, agreed to meet again the following night.

Fuck Hillary. Fuck Trump. We Are Ungovernable.

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