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Dec 9, 15

Normalistas attacked in Michoacan

From Subversiones
Translated by It’s Going Down

In the context of the tension that has characterized the Michoacan p’urhépecha plateau region since early September 2015, on Monday, December 7th occurred the umpteenth episode of violence, this time against the students of the Regional Center of Normal Education Arteaga.  The incident occurred between Arantepacua, municipality of Nahuatzen, and Zirahuen, municipality of Salvador Escalante, where a group of normalistas were attacked and repressed by elements of the Special Operations Group (GOES), on their way to an activity of “botting” at the toll booth of the said municipality Zirahuén on the Siglo XXI highway.

12308271_1085518051500211_3519727910433995341_nThe confrontation with the security forces, which involved not only students but also their parents and members of civil society who were at the scene of the attack to defend the young people, ended with 53 normalistas and an unknown number of others wounded, including a villager of Arantepacua who is in critical condition.  On account stated:

When the boys were arrested, the villagers and especially the parents of the students from the normal school came together.  There were attacks by the GOES, there were beatings and shootings, not from guns but rubber arms.  At this time there were more arrests and another 45 normalistas were detained, along with several villagers.

Despite this situation of violence and uncertainty, the villagers told us that most people in Arantepacua are supporting the normalistas with food and taking them into houses so they can rest and bathe.  In the town of Nahuatzen, in fact, student dissatisfaction of the current situation is shared by community members who rejected the installation of the mayor Miguel Prado Morales and, since last October, closed the entrances to the municipality.

The attack on normalistas thus continued a wave of paranoia and repression towards a community that has decided to raise his voice to put a stop to corruption and collusion between politics and organized crime.  The inauguration of President Prado, the imposition of its security system led by Silviano Murguía González, alias “The Taurus’ ex-Templar recognized in the area, the implementation of the unified command and the implementation of education reform are all faces of the same coin, signs of how the government Aureoles, in line with the PRI federal policy, has no intention of leaving room for any form of organization from below.

The apparent “dialogue” offered by the government of Michoacan is certainly emblematic: the transfer of 53 normalistas to federal detention. The state has become a powder keg that threatens to explode into a new internal confrontation and especially with the emergence of new political-criminal local authorities.

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