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Nov 13, 15

Normalistas Won’t Stop fighting Despite Repression

From Subversiones

It’s three o’clock and on the road that leads to Tixtla Chilpancingo, just after the tunnel, Gold Star two trucks are standing on one side of the lane, gutted, the busted windows, doors torn.There is only what is left of a shower of stones and in the asphalt, the white stripes tear. For about 200 meters do not stop stones and tear either. Then, by a long stretch, only at night, and our fear of finding a patrol, a catch or, considering where we are, a “black bag”. Suddenly another truck, another Gold Star, another body of tin, in windows just curtains, door lying, appears broken. Again stones again the remains of the attack. Be quiet. Comes another bus, Futura cast aside lane, tires zigzagging asphalt and yellow arrows continue flashing. Tixtla booth not far, still looking straight ahead, looking for a warning sign that finally fails. We are saved, not the normal school.

This aggression which the road is a witness, took place on the afternoon of November 11, after students held protest activities in Chilpancingo for the live presentation of the 43 missing and, upon returning to school, they decided to “take” gas pipe that crossed the road. The move to occupy the mobilization of November 14, when they travel to various sides to remember the repression suffered in 2007, when riot police evacuated the Congress, taken at this time to reject the tuition cuts and reform the normal schools that sought to impose in Guerrero.


Students complain that the harassment started from the Autopista del Sol, with the State police force who pointed their guns at the bus they were traveling. The persecution was violent: tens of patrols state, ministerial and even military, that “accelerated to catch up with the last bus while traveling in the police punt struck with their batons to break the glass, then threw tear gas inside bus. “

The gas flooded everything, began to suffocate, some drivers even fainted; we stopped and went as we could, but down and waited for the police, his face showed satisfaction attack. There was no negotiation, no dialogue, getting off the bus we were greeted with blows of truncheons and shields. Never ceased gas grenades were thrown a few meters from us, some colleagues have lesions on the face, chest, feet and arms by exploding gas pumps. There were threats and humiliation of the police forces referring to the missing students, said that they would kill us like they killed at 43. A few companions managed to escape by climbing the surrounding hills, others arrested and beaten.

In the press conference he held the next day in the premises of the Normal, Vidulfo Rosales Sierra, lawyer and adviser to the normal school, in conjunction with the human rights defender Manuel Olivares Hernández, parents in voice Felipe Meliton Cross and Ortega and Carlos Martinez, representative of students in school, denounced the violence perpetrated and the final balance of 20 wounded, of which 8 are in serious condition and four in critical condition and required surgery; there were 13 detainees, now all in conditions of freedom and 70 missing, which fortunately was able to locate one hour of events, when the Ministry of Public Security delivered to the State Commission for Human Rights.

During the conference call, human rights advocates and parents joined in condemning and blaming the new governor Héctor Astudillo and tightening policy not only against Normal Ayotzinapa but also against the social movement in general, accompanied by the brutality of the police intervention and violation of all protocols on the use of public force

The normalistas reported that it was a coordinated attack, because “in the house of the issuance of Tixtla, was already installed a checkpoint with soldiers and federal police blocking the road, blocking the other buses” and “behind came more riot that no they stopped throwing gases, forcing the remaining escape through the hills and canyons companions. “

In their statements they resumed the assault came after federal authorities announced that there is no security in Guerrero, a fact which shows how the repression of the “movement Ayotzinapa” is a pretext to militarize the entity:

‘Receive thousands of soldiers and police to’ strengthen ‘security strategy, including the commander of the Ninth Military Region, Alejandro Saavedra Hernandez, was appointed coordinator of the repressive forces. This strategy Hector Astudillo is a constitutional violation, since Article 129 stipulates: “In peacetime, no military authority may exercise functions other than those directly related discipline plays’. Clearly the strategy is not intended to end the violence in Guerrero where people killed daily dawn hanging bridges, beheaded on the roads;rather the aim is to suppress social protest and end social opposition.

Moreover, Rosales Sierra denounced a close row of the business class policy and to reduce the scope of action of parents and normal school and explained that after the events of September 26, 2014 an agreement was negotiated with bus companies Estrella White and Gold, to send them voluntarily and every fortnight between six and ten trucks. Last week there was a breach of the agreement, with only nine buses sent between the two companies, as instructed by managers, who argued that it is high season and needed all units en route.

This was the context that saw students move to Chilpancingo on Wednesday morning to take other necessary for the activity of bus and next week, according to the normal school and their advocates, disproves Astudillo’s position that in words declares tolerance towards the movement, but in fact “is aligned to the hard policy that the federal government and its predecessors applied against Ayotzinapa Normal”. The statement said the governor “if need buses, we see how they are managed; if you need gas, we also see how he paid in a gas station, “clashes with the orders given to the police apparatus, which were obviously repressive nature, as the cases of freshman Juan Castro Rodriguez, who remains hospitalized with head injury and Kevin Jordi Saldana, who suffered perforation of the cheek by the explosion of a gas pump and, independent of gravity, you need facial reconstruction.


Another explanation for the brutality with which students were persecuted, is that the “pipe discord” belonged to the Gas Astudillo SA de CV, owned by the family of the governor, who from Ayotzinapa denounce as “big chiefs in the region and whose power has endured so far in the political, cultural and social “field. This version, which is not supported at all, explain on one hand the intensity of the attack and, on the other, confirm the registration of the attitude of the current governor in a bypass line of power common to many of his predecessors in Guerrero, who used the police to protect their own political and economic interests. The case of former Mayor covers protecting his wife’s report of “unrest” of the normal school is just the latest in chronological order in a long series, including massacres as Aguas Blancas and El Charco.

Note that on the morning of Thursday 12, in the municipality of Tixtla, another press conference where Bartolo Pedro Santos, trustee of the municipal council of the community, reiterated the escalation of attacks against damage social movement from the beginning it took place Astudillo and the administration linked the events of the day before the DeliCAD political situation we are living in the city, where still “no conditions for elections.” We recall, in fact, that after the public outcry prevented will be held elections last June in Tixtla the state Congress appointed as interim president Raul Vega City Council Astudillo, member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and cousin of the governor-elect.

After this umpteenth episode of repression becomes clear that the situation of the Normal Isidro Burgos Ayotzinapa can only get worse and the crossfire of political and economic interests in which the school is located will, day by day, nearer and dangerous. Students, together with parents and mothers, a large segment of dissident teachers and many members of civil society have no intention of giving in to their demands for live presentation of the 43 missing and stopping at his fight for the truth and punish the guilty. At this point also, what is involved is a radical change in a country that seems increasingly a battleground and it appears that, once again, this change will come from the state of Guerrero.

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