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Oct 26, 18

North Carolina: Antifascists Infiltrate Patriot Front Chapter, Stop Banner Drop

The following communique was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down from anarchists and antifascists comrades in Western so-called North Carolina, and details how they infiltrated a local Patriot Front chapter and successfully disrupted one of their banner drops.

It reads:

We laid the ground work with multiple online infiltrations of a local Patriot Front (PF) chapter into their “secure” chats. After a phone call with PF figure head, Thomas Rousseau, we were successfully vetted, and began to navigate multiple levels of easily falsified tests.

Eventually it was time to meet up in person, and boom – an easy peasy successful in person infiltration. You can’t give these people too much credit, they’ll basically take anyone that claims to have read SIEGE cover to cover. Anyways, after that, it was easy for our crew to obtain details of a Patriot Front plan to drop a white supremacist banner. We have included a series of screenshots from PF chats. One of which details one member’s plan to conceal carry his gun.

In the heavy quiet of the night, we waited at their planned banner drop location. Having been inside their group for some time, we knew we’d out number them. Especially once our plants turned on them to stand with us. The plan was to prevent the banner drop and chase them off. However the meager PF crew decided to initiate a physical fight when confronted and we proceeded to strongly defend ourselves and decisively won the engagement with their pathetic white supremacist asses.

As our crew of valiant faggots and bitches told them to “get the fuck out of here,” one PF member, who had managed to hog tie himself on the ground with paracord, yelled between crying and dry heaving, “I’m trying, I’m trying!!”, as he writhed on the ground tangled like a fool in his own damn banner. After serving up a big ol’ can of Appalachian whoop ass, we chased them from the site where they attempted to drop their shitty fuckin banner hollering “Appalachia is Antifascist!,” and “Nazis get the fuck out of here!” They ran fearfully all the way back to their van, only to find that magic fairies had removed all its windows and labeled the van “NAZI SCUM.”

To our comrades, we encourage folx to be brave and take advantage of these white supremacist groups’ shitty opsec. We must learn how to confront them away from the so-often heavily state controlled public actions.

To Patriot Front, good luck recruiting in these mountains when you won’t know which new recruits are us again! Also, when you high tailed it outta there, you forgot your GoPro, ya fucks. We’ll be sure to bring it to the next regional meet-up!

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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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