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Oct 18, 18

Northern Minnesota: More Prayer Lodges Erected in the Path of Line 3 Pipeline

The following press release was sent to It’s Going Down, which we report here.

Early October 19th, a crew of indigenous and non-indigenous comrades under the direction of Ojibwe elders built more waganogans on the Line 3 pipeline route, somewhere in northern Minnesota.

These are always intended as positive places to gather in prayer, feast and wage positive resistance against racist resource extraction, while simultaneously practicing ancient cultural traditions, that existed both BEFORE and after treaties were signed, but are also now supposed to be legally protected by treaties for indigenous peoples of those treaty territories.

While racist resource extraction continues, continue to expect our resistance day and night.

Please help our resistance by solidarity actions wherever you are!

We aren’t just fighting a black snake we are fighting cultural genocide!

We aren’t just fighting for one piece of land, we are fighting for the reclamation of all indigenous peoples lands and the future of mother earth!


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