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Jan 20, 17

It’s Not Alt-Right: Richard Spencer Attacked in DC; Nathan Damigo Pepper Sprayed in Berkeley

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

Today Richard Spencer, the director of the National Policy Institute (NPI), who recently grabbed 15 minutes of Nazi fame by organizing a conference in Washington, DC, where attendees gave the fascist salute as Spencer screamed, “Hail Trump,” was majestically decked in the face by an anti-fascist. In a video that has almost instantly gone viral much to the chagrin of people across the world, Spencer can been seeing giving a standard interview with the Liberal press, who still thinks they can make Spencer look stupid by giving his white supremacist ideology a platform. However, right after Spencer looks down at his jacket to explain his, “Pepe the Frog” meme button, (an Alt-Right internet icon that was recently banned by even the Alt-Right DeploraBALL committee for being a “hate-symbol”), Spencer was savagely hit in the side of the face.

What happens next is priceless, as Richard Spencer, who comes from an extremely wealthy family (we half expected coins to fall out of his ass like Sonic the Hedgehog), stumbles and quickly begins to talk away in order to escape another beating. The last shot of this now classic video ends with Spencer looking directly into the camera with tears swelling up in his eyes. Don’t take our word for it, watch it above again and again! Crimethinc wrote:

We consider the person who punched Richard Spencer in the face during the demonstrations in Washington, DC today to be a hero. Spencer and others like him are intent upon legitimizing the legacy of white supremacy in the United States–smoothing the way for even more violence to be inflicted on people of color. Putting the pieces in place to enable the police to intensify racist profiling, violence, and murders counts as an attack. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us. Spencer got what was coming to him.

Ironically, Spencer was beat just several miles from his new home, as he has justed moved from Whitefish, Montana to Alexandria, Virginia, where he and several other Alt-Right ‘heavy hitters’ are running a new shitty website. Seems things recently haven’t been good for Spencer, as since “Heilgate,” many white nationalist leaders have thrown Spencer under the bus for being “too Nazi.” Meanwhile, Spencer has begun to embrace people like Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, a sickening anti-Semitic and Neo-Nazi fake-news website as a last resort.

But Spencer was not the only leading Alt-Right figure who was run out of inaugural demonstrations today. Nathan Damigo, the leader of Identity Evropa, described by other Neo-Nazis as a “front group” of Richard Spencer’s, was reportedly pepper sprayed. Damigo was on the UC Berkeley campus and was conducting a livestream for Red Ice Radio, a Neo-Nazi and conspiracy theory ‘news’ media platform. What’s interesting is that Damigo was set up behind the Berkeley College Republican tent, located in a main plaza of the campus. In recent weeks, the Berkeley College Republicans have maintained that their members are not connected to the Alt-Right, however it appears that with them cozying up to characters like Nathan Damigo, this relationship couldn’t be more clear.

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