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Oct 22, 16

We Are Not Targets: NYC Anarchist Action Reportback

Submitted to It’s Going Down

With another abhorrent week in NYC: the NYPD’s murder of Deborah Danner and the untimely death of Venida Browder, the mother of Kalief Browder, we, at NYC Anarchist Action, felt compelled to respond to the deep tragedies that are a common experience at the hands of the police. Hoods4Justice, a local revolutionary organization, made the call for an anti-police march in Brooklyn, starting at Barclays Center.

The NYPD had a remarkably large presence at Barclays and in the surrounding area, amassing several dozen police vans with officers positioned on several side streets and stationed in the nearby mall. Even with this outrageous police presence we marched, took the streets, and pulled off a passionate, rebellious march to the applause and affirmation of the neighbors.

As we snaked through side streets, militants erected barricades that slowed the police tail considerably. We marched through two housing projects and as chants echoed off their walls, people joined us in the action. Next, an american flag was torched and a Hillary Clinton campaign office was shouted down, with both actions incurring shocked expressions from people looking on. As we continued, more barricades were erected and soon we passed a military recruiting office which was attacked; its windows shattered.

The revolutionary anarchist movement in NYC is exceedingly gaining its confidence and our actions are becoming increasingly more bold, and significant. The seriousness of the situation in this country: where people are gunned down without repercussion, legal slavery is thriving, and urban enclaves are being routed, demands an unrelenting and powerful response. Vast neighborhood support has been crucial and beneficial to our larger growth, and as these actions increase in their virulence, the visibility of our commitment to revolutionary change becomes increasingly pivotal for the participation of those most affected by the american plantation.

Furthermore, the disengagement of peace police, liberals, and many authoritarians is creating an atmosphere where revolutionaries can and will thrive. We will continuously organize and propagate a political alternative in NYC and relentlessly fight this abolitionist struggle in the 21st century.

In struggle,

NYC Anarchist Action

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