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Jul 26, 15

NYC: Demonstration in Solidarity with Rojava and Suruc


The massacre in Suruc, Turkey by ISIS and with complicity of the Turkish state demanded an immediate response from revolutionaries all over the world and, heeding the call of the Turkish group, Anarchy Initiative, we at Rojava Solidarity NYC decided to take action as well. We held a rally in front of the Turkish consulate today in NYC to denounce the Turkish state and the future they represent. The tragic loss of 32 people at the Amara Cultural Center, on their way to assist in the rebuilding of Kobane clearly demonstrates the reprehensible nature of the politics being propagated by NATO member, Turkey, and their affiliate the Islamic State.

The Turkish state has again declared war on the Kurdish communities in Northern Kurdistan and Iraq. The entire left in Turkey is currently under siege, with hundreds of people disappeared in prisons across the country, and revolutionaries are being gunned down in the streets. It is under this context that we unequivocally condemn the Turkish states’ complicity in the Suruc massacre, their de-facto alliance with the Islamic State, and NATO’s collusion in the entire political process.

The Kurdish movement in Rojava, and larger Kurdistan, has come to represent something that cannot be simply quashed by the pathetic and desperate action of these state actors, or their lackeys. The movement represents the struggle of life against death. While Turkey callously imprisons its entire political opposition, the Kurdish struggle embraces a world without borders. The Islamic State publicly boasts about enslaving the women in entire villages while the Kurdish struggle brims new life into the feminist movement around the world. While NATO and the United States exploit societal grievances and reinforce arbitrary divisions amongst people, the Kurdish movement has embraced pluralism to an unprecedented degree.

This is the focal point of the struggle we all face today. The Kurdish revolutionary movement is fighting for a stateless world where life is victorious against death; where differences are embraced rather than criminalized; where the arbitrary dividing lines arranged by colonial powers in the 19th and 20th century can finally be erased and an egalitarian future based on true freedom can finally flourish. We at Rojava Soldiarity NYC are taking this walk hand in hand with you in Rojava and beyond and we will be victorious in the end.



-Rojava Solidarity NYC


Listen to the chants here:

Rojava Solidarity Group Protesting Turkish State in front of the Turkish Consulate in New York-1




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