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Sep 7, 20

Oaxaca: Letter-Writing Campaign for Indigenous Political Prisoner Fredy García

Call out for letters and solidarity with Indigenous political prisoner Fredy García

Prison for a social fighter is another field of battle. The dungeons of capital that isolate bodies and voices in order to silence justice have not been able to subdue the rebellious spirit of resistance. Much less the rebellious spirit of an Indigenous person fed up with injustice—a committed activist in defense of the rights of Indigenous peoples and their autonomy.

Fredy García, a young compañero and member of the Committee for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI) was unjustly imprisoned November of last year. Fredy was seeking justice for the assassinated compañeros of CODEDI, and the state’s response was his imprisonment.

Five compañeros were silenced with bullets by order from the government and businessmen, assassinated after negotiations with the Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa. Another compañero was killed in Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca, while working as a taxi driver. Another was violently removed from his home and assassinated in a vacant lot, where his body was left lifeless. These crimes have been left in total impunity. The prosecutor and the governor have only hindered the investigation, and worse still, they criminalize the resistance of an Indigenous organization that has not tired in demanding justice.

The evidence which proves Fredy’s innocence is clear. The form in which he has been tried is shady: the buying of witnesses and the silencing of testimony in his favor. His hearing was manipulated by the government and by those who enjoy total impunity. A clear case of impunity is that of Aída Martínez Moreno who is currently serving illegitimately as municipal president in Santiago Xanica, Oaxaca. Previously, Ricardo Luria, a PRI cacique (local strong man) served as illegitimate municipal president. Now his ally Aída. Oscar Valencia, a local government representative from Xanica, is also always present in the crimes against those who oppose his plundering and authoritarianism.

The state is looking for someone to punish for the hard blows afflicted upon it by the struggle, organization and social strength of CODEDI. These are victories that CODEDI has been winning together with 45 communities that are united in the committee of defense. It is not the first time that a member of CODEDI has been imprisoned for protest. In past communiques, we have recounted the history of struggle of the Indigenous peoples in southeast Oaxaca, and the active participation of members of CODEDI in spite of the persecution and threats. The struggle of the Oaxacan people and the people of the Sierra mountains of Oaxaca is tireless.

As long as social inequality prevails for Indigenous people and Indigenous communities, there will be protests and demonstrations, there will be anticapitalist struggle. As long as territory and natural resources are sold off, there will be social movements and people that struggle in defense of land and territory, for their rights, culture and self-determination.

Prison is made for those who have failed to adapt to a homogeneous system. Since its beginnings, prison has locked up the most committed social fighters and the most rebellious women who with their words denounce justice with truth and courage. Prisons are currently full of men and women who struggle for their people, families and peers, for labor rights, autonomy and freedom of expression.

We cannot remain silent while our compañerxs are intimidated for shouting the truth. From the coast to the mountains, banners, posters and slogans of resistance will rise with the just demands of the people, because the struggle continues until we see a new world blooming with freedom and justice…

Prison for a social fighter is another field of battle. Fredy is part of this daily struggle inside the Tanivet prison, where he has denounced the abuses against his fellow prisoners and the unhealthy conditions and lack of medical attention for those sick with COVID. Fredy García, together with hundreds of prisoners, carried out a hunger strike inside the prison and won. He has received punishment and retaliations for raising his voice and organizing on the inside. On July 10th of this year, between 10:00pm and 10:40pm, he was beaten by prison guards. When he tried to ask what was going on, they told him, “You do not have the right to speak, we have orders from above,” and they took him to a secluded section in the visiting area where they continued to beat him. They left him isolated in that area until July 12, when they took him to a new cell, separating him from the rest of the prison population.

Thanks to the immediate actions of human rights defenders, these abuses were denounced in time and the torture to which he was being subjected came to an end. In spite of all this, Fredy García continues to raise his left first between the prison bars, shouting for his freedom, denouncing the conditions of his fellow prisoners during this pandemic. He will continue to do so until he is released. When he gets out of prison, we are sure we will see him again in the campesino caravans, in street marches and demonstrations, in the seizures and blockades of government buildings, in the assemblies and workshops of popular education. Justice is not asked or begged for, it is a call that is carried out through action.

Let’s not leave Fredy alone in a moment that is extremely difficult for him, his family and his compañerxs in struggle. Let’s join him by giving him some words of solidarity so that he continues in the struggle. Not only is Fredy an Indigenous prisoner unjustly held, there are hundreds of prisoners in the world demanding that their rights be respected and fulfilled. For this reason, we make a call out to the collectives, organizations, workers unions, free and community media and individuals that struggle from their trenches to send a message of encouragement to our compañero.

We invite you all to join this anti-prison letter-writing campaign that begins today as a show of mutual aid and solidarity in the struggle for Fredy García’s freedom and freedom for all political prisoners of Mexico and the world.

Down with prisons! Long live Indigenous people!

Long live the combative and popular struggle!

Committee for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI)

Radio Machete

Free Media Collctive “Tequio Libertario”

Go HERE to send Fredy a letter. Letters need to be written in Spanish. Spanglish is good too!

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