Obama, Comedy, & the Corporate State: Talking with Lee Camp


Lee Camp is an American stand-up comedian, author, and host of the show, Redacted Tonight, which covers everything from surveillance, to fights against pipelines, to social movements – all while utilizing the subversive power of humor and comedy. Redacted Tonight was also one of the first outlets to cover the case of the J20 as well as the #PrisonStrike in 2018, and features interviews with journalists, activists, and social commentators.

But Lee Camp’s evolution as a comedian and as a media maker is just as interesting as the projects he has been involved in. Named after General Lee and growing up in the South, Camp began his involvement in stand up comedy early in life. Around 2003, he started to become more politicized after the invasion and war in Iraq, but still considered himself a supporter of the Democratic Party. By 2008, Camp was doing shows with some of the biggest names in comedy while also starting to appear on national television, (he famously called Fox News a “parade of propaganda” on air, denounced the Iraq war, and was never invited back). Camp also began appearing at events alongside many prominent Democratic leaders, during the lead up to the 2008 Presidential campaign. As time went on however, Lee became disillusioned with what he calls “the corporate State,” and the Democratic Party.

In our interview, Camp talks about this political turn, and how that process led him to where he is now, as the host of one of the most politically charged shows on television. During our interview we also talk about the state of mass media in the Trump era, the failure of Centrist press to bring real news to working people, the role of humor and comedy in independent media, his views on Russiagate and working at Russia Today, as well as thoughts on how up and coming media projects can grow and expand in times of crisis, war, and growing authoritarianism.

Also, be sure to check out Lee Camp’s new stand-up special, Super Patriotic Very Uncle Sam Comedy Special, (here is a review), which is stand up political comedy at its finest. Also, 10% of sales from the special goes to Veterans For Peace and Food & Water Watch. Check LeeCampComedySpecial.com and use the promo code “UNCLESAM” to get 25% off.

More Info: Lee Camp homepage, Camp’s new comedy special, and Redacted Tonight podcast.

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