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Oct 15, 18

#OccupyICEPDX Phase 3: Call to Action

Call from #OccupyICEPDX for a mobilization and march against ICE on November 6th.

After an anti-ICE rally on June 17th, steadfast protesters were talking in the driveway of Portland’s Immigration Customs Enforcement facility. An activist shared the idea of holding a vigil posted outside. That idea grew beautifully into OccupyICEPDX, which inspired occupation movements against ICE across the country.

We have vowed to keep fighting until all asylum seekers are free and this American gestapo is abolished. When our temporary autonomous zone at Macadam was swept, we moved to Phase 2, holding space outside City Hall with a vigil, demanding our city kick the monstrosity of ICE out. Since June, we have seen our City Council show their true colors, failing to take any action against ICE, and using all excuses so they can continue to profit from these terrorist operations.

With Election day approaching fast, and the scare of Measure 105 (repeal of Sanctuary City status) deeply threatens the people of Oregon. We are calling for Phase 3, many mobile vigils will be installed all around the City, for the families separated by ICE. This plan has been in progress since the day after City Hall was vacated, with a few altars completed already. Many more will be made, to be placed in visible locations; each vigil kept maintained by dedicated volunteers. Comrades willing to accept responsibility for an altar and vigil space are needed. Any help is greatly appreciated. These spaces dedicated to the families harmed by ICE will be in every direction, vigilant and lit with the fires that will melt ICE.

Your participation is vital, be in touch with one another, don’t hesitate to reach out, as there are mass direct actions, marches and noise demonstrations on the calendar. The Portland City government has had more than enough time to hear our demands and take action against ICE, sadly that hasn’t happened yet, Ted Wheeler will be held to his word and families affected by ICE will have justice!

We will continue to pressure our government to abolish ICE using a diversity of tactics and any means necessary, because what immigrant families are experiencing today, closely resembles life in Nazi Germany. This has gone on too long and we must stop it before it’s too late!

Join us for our first phase 3 action and march against ICE on November 6th. We are calling on every day Portlanders to stand up and fight against this terrorist agency. We will gather at city hall at 6pm, listen to our speakers, march through the streets, touring everyday buildings and corporations that do daily work with ICE, and demanding justice for Portland’s immigrant community. Although we wish to see Measure 105 defeated, we must organize ourselves to prepare for the worst.

Our demands will be released closer to November.

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We won’t leave until I.C.E is out of Portland and is abolished!

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