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Mar 25, 17

Ocozocoautla: Town Hall & Vehicles Burn after Water Shortage Protests

Chiapas – At 10am on Thursday, March 23rd, residents from neighborhoods in the town of Coita held a peaceful march demanding water and presenting various popular requests about the security of the municipality. The protest traveled to the offices of SAPAM (Municipal Water and Drinking Water System). Upon not receiving a response at that office nor from the corresponding authorities, the protesters occupied the town hall, set fire to the entrance, several offices, and a car they found parked outside.

Similarly, the protesters captured some of the SAPAM bureaucrats in the Central Plaza, demanding immediate dialogue to resolve the situation. The pretext given for the water shutoff, according to one of the residents contacted by phone, was as follows: “The reason for the water shutoff is that there are faults in the municipality’s hydrological system and for the time being only one well is functioning.”

While the town hall and the car were burning, various nearby businesses decided to close and, given the climate of uncertainty, a squadron of State Police arrived in order to protect the town hall and free the captured bureaucrats.

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