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Office of Construction Company Contracted to Destroy the Atlanta Forest and Build Cop City Disrupted

Report on recent march and disruption of construction firm hired to build the Cop City project which threatens to destroy the Atlanta Forest. From Defend the Atlanta Forest.

On November 12, activists visited the offices of Reeves Young, the construction company responsible for recent bulldozing at the Old Atlanta Prison Farm. Reeves Young are under contract with the Atlanta Police Foundation to destroy the Atlanta Forest and build Cop City.

Reeves Young, whose offices are located in Sugar Hill, GA, are not only destroying the forest for a police facility, they have been endangering low-level contract workers, who have been working in dangerous conditions in areas with reportedly “spiked” trees.

Take action against Reeves Young! Defend the Atlanta Forest! Stop Cop City! Call 770-271-1159 to encourage RY to drop the contract. Donations can be made to Get together with your friends to talk about how you will defend the forest.

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