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Jul 27, 16

Ohio: Hunger Strike at Lucasville Prison

From Support Prisoner Resistance 

A hunger strike has broken out at Lucasville Prison, the site of the infamous uprising in 1993 in which prisoners worked across racial and gang lines to take over the prison for several days. Currently, Bomani Shakur sits on death row after bring framed (despite DNA or material evidence) in the aftermath of the uprising and the death of a guard, by the state through paid informants which Bomani descripes in his book, Condemned. We are asking that people call into the prison and express support for the hunger strike and request that the prison meet the striker’s demands. More information about the demands can be read below.

Please contact:

Director Gary Mohr at ODRC Central Office. Call: 614-752-1150. Email: [email protected]

Warden Ronald Erdos at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF). Call: 740-259-5544. Email: [email protected]

Letter from Hunger Striker Chaz ‘Abdullah” Burch

I am contacting you to make you aware of my “Hunger Strike” and my demands and to ring the alarm about the oppressive administration here. And to make sure my strike is “documented.”

Being falsely incarcerated since the age of 16-teen years old for a crime I didn’t commit, sentence to 100 plus years and fighting daily for my liberation which as been no easy task against this racist regime here at Southern Ohio Correctional facility (S.O. C. F.) in Lukkkasville, Ohio.

At this time due to the continuous oppressive and out right abusive behavior at the hands of this administration and harsh penalties for basic rule infractions is reminiscent of the deadly Lucasville Riot in 1993, which left countless people dead, have forced me to protest for change. This is my only means to protest nonviolently and peacefully to change the conditions and practices of this administration by laying my life on the line and going on a “Hunger Strike.” I am only one voice and my sacrifice will be in vain without your support and the power of the people, I’m nothing so I enlist your support and assistance to bring attention to this struggle and compel the power that be to change and meet the hunger strike demands.

I will need for you and the people to make calls to Central Office # 614-387-0588 and here at the prison # 740-259-5544, so that my Hunger Strike, is documented and changes are made.

To the world you are just one person, but to one person you may be the world. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and pray all is favorable to all concerned. I exit in revolutionary spirit. Shields Up!

Chaz Burch

p.s. More about me at:

p.p.s It’s a total of 3 that’s on “Hunger Strike”–myself Chaz “Abdullah” Bunch, #434-863, Anthony Stephens, #586-094, Alonzo Sojourney, #552-917

Please write support letters to all three at:
[name and number]
P.O.Box 48699
Lucasville, Ohio 45699

Hunger Strike Demands

  1. A complete end of denying prisoners the right to basic hygiene necessities out they property (soap, toothpaste and deodorant) which is required while in the hole.
  2. A complete end of denying prisoners the legal right to have access to pending legal work to litigate they case while in the hole. And the immediate end with tampering with prisoners incoming and outgoing mail.
  3. A complete and immediate end to the recent arbitrary practice of handing down excessive and severe penalties for drug violations and termination of visiting privileges when the Rule Infraction Board (RIB), have already handed down a penalty for rule 30 and rule 40. I strongly object to the notion of a 3 year non-contact visit from family and the outside world is unheard of for violation of rule 39 and rule 40 and extremely inappropriate and not healthy and destroy any possible chance to be rehabilitated to reenter society. For this reason favorable consideration shall be giving and the penalty for violation of rule 39 and rule 40, shall be reduced to a reasonable amount of time that will not undermine the violation of the offense.
  4. And an immediate stop of violence against prisoners, when cuffed and stop the excessive use of force and spraying of the prisoners with O.C. spray which cause severe health problems and stop the embellishment of violation of rule 4, to justify the physical assault of prisoners while cuffed. This prison have a very ugly history of “excessive use of force” and this abuse must stop.

*These are the more important things we expect to accomplish as a result of this “Hunger Strike.” There are other issues, some more important, other less.


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