Ohio: Post-Rondy Action Shuts Down Street to Stop ICE


A post-Rondy protest against US immigration policy, recent deportations, and borders in general temporarily shut down a street in Ohio’s capital. Originally posted to the Earth First! newswire.

Members and the Ohio chapter of the American Indian Movement and Earth First!ers blocked the street across from City Hall in Columbus and around the corner from the Ohio Statehouse Monday morning by erecting a tall tripod with a person attached.

The protest happened near a downtown office building housing the local offices of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, where immigrants are often taken into custody during routine check-ins. The inside of the building quickly filled with rowdy protesters demanding the end of ICE and Border Patrol.

Several Columbus police cruisers crowded the intersection as city firefighters using a ladder truck and chainsaws dismantled the structure. Twelve people, including the person in the tripod have been kidnapped by the police and are currently being held, although it’s unsure what the charges are.

Protesters shouted “No borders” and held signs such as “No Borders! No Wall! We Want Freedom For All!”

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