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Sep 9, 19

Ohio Prisoners Speak! A Year After the 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike

Rustbelt Abolition Radio presents an interview with two prisoners who discusses the aftermath of the 2018 national prison strike.

In this special bonus episode released on the anniversary of the 2018 nationwide prisoner strike we feature the voices of two Ohio prisoners, David Easley and Mark Hinkston. David and Mark discuss the state repression they and their comrades faced in the wake of the 2018 prison strikes and ways to support prison rebels.

You can contact David and Mark at the following addresses:

David Easley #306400
Toledo Correctional Institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo OH 43608
Twitter: @OH4prisoner

If want to join a study group with David on Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth, W.E.B. Du Bois’ Black Reconstruction and Angela Davis Are Prisons Obsolete? Contact him via JPay or snail mail. Check out his interview on The Final Straw.

Mark Hinkston
Toledo Correctional Institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo OH 43608

Check out The Final Straw’s recent interview with Mustafa.

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Rustbelt Abolition

Rustbelt Abolition Radio is an abolitionist media and movement-building project based in Detroit, MI. Each episode amplifies the voices of those impacted by mass incarceration and explores ongoing work in the movement to abolish the carceral state (that is, prisons, police, courts as well as racial domination and capitalist exploitation).

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