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Jan 3, 20

Omaha, NE: Report Back from NYE Noise Demo

Report back from New Year’s Eve noise demo in Omaha, Nebraska.

This year’s prison demo at the Douglas County Correctional Center started off like many of the past 8 years here in Omaha. A small group of folxs, a sound system and banner. But after 15 minutes more and more people started showing up. Bongo drums, road flares, pots, pans and at least one feral child screaming like they were going to bring the whole fucking judicial system down by themselves.

There was joy, there was rage, and a vibrancy that left us feeling a small sense of victory, which was bolster by the rolling escort of half a dozen police cruisers for the 6 block walk away from the jail.

It’s always heartening to see prisoners on the inside banging on the windows, holding up signs, dancing with us. We are interested in ways to explore connecting with those same prisoners and/or their families in the future. Maybe a giant sign with an address they can write to, or outreach to prison incarceration support networks.

As always – ACAB and F(ire)T(o the)P(risons)

until the day that the fences and walls won’t stop us…

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