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Apr 1, 17

Oregon: Trump March Madness

Like many states across the USA, Oregon is experiencing a dramatic increase in the nationalistic trend of pro-Trump rallies reminiscent of those coordinated in effort to glorify Adolf Hitler. Oregon, like our neighboring states within the Pacific Northwest, which is often fondly referred to as Cascadia, is a volatile geographic location as both the very left and very right vie to claim it as their sanctuary. Do not mistake the white supremacy propaganda put out by “true Cascadia dot com” which seeks to co opt the bioregional term “Cascadia” in an effort to establish a “white homeland” in the Pacific Northwest.


Oregon, and the surrounding area, is growing ripe with an influx of white power scum. Here you will find members of the KKK, National Socialist Movement, American Front, Wolves of Vinland, Aryan Brotherhood, European Kindred, Insane Peckerwood Syndicate, loads of III%ers, Patriots, and various other wannabe white power gangs and groups. While each group is a little different in their own twisted ideology, they agree on two things: white is right and hail Trump! And while the very left may disagree on some things like anarchism vs. communism or veganism vs. omnivorism or death metal vs. punk, one thing we can all agree on is: We want these bigoted mother fuckers out of our towns.

Oregon right-wingers participated in two major nationwide Trump celebratory calls from across the country during March, and resistance greeted them. Lake Oswego , a very upscale, mostly white conservative town (aka “Lake No Negro”) hosted the March 4 Trump event.

At the start of the March 4 Trump event on March 4th, members of the KKK were spotted among the crowd. Steven Shane Howard, the “imperial wizard” of the North Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, formerly of Tupelo, Mississippi now resides in Vancouver, WA.

SSH Red Gown Baby.jpg

Steven was there with his white power buddy Ray Schneider

cropped boys.jpg

and new wife, also a white supremacist, Kimberly Howard, whose family hails from Vancouver:

kim and steve.jpg




Imperial Wizard Steven was caught off guard when he was greeted by about 20 antifacists who immediately recognized him and called him out. Not much can rile KKK members more than a group of black clad antifas. Steven and Ray sorely wanted a fight, and Steven, in all his white power soaked masculinity, pulled out his tiny canister of pepper spray he had at the ready on his hip. Luckily for Steven and Ray, who both were eager to fight, the III%ers held them back, protecting “their own.”


Even Matt Heagy, the III%er medic who would later be arrested in Salem, was on the scene protecting white nationalists:


Many of these hoodlums, including the organizers Angela Roman (a racist gay basher) and Brittany Hall (white nationalist), we would see again at the following Trump rally on March 25th in Salem, Oregon for the “Make America Great Again March.”


White nationalist and pro-Trump rally organizer Brittany Hall

It is perhaps not surprising that the government would employ Angela Roman, Policy Analyst for State Representative Mike Nearman at the Oregon State Capitol. Here is a sample of her bigoted rhetoric as she verbal attacks a Black man and spouts anti-gay slurs at other protesters:


Angela is seen here fraternizing with well known racist skinhead John Robert. While his face is covered with a bandana, note the “No Lives Matter/Southern Cracker” sweatshirt and red laces on his boots. He is also carrying a Confederate flag. This neo-nazi was one of the more confrontational men at the rally and can be seen here:

Be sure to contact Representative Mike Nearman at 503-986-1423, email him at [email protected], or visit him at the capitol at 900 Court St. NE, H-378 in Salem to express your concerns regarding Angela Roman’s behavior and associations with racist skinheads and white supremacists.

The pro-Trump supporting group was made up of about 200-300 people, many covering their faces with yellow Gadsden Flag ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ masks, and about 65 wearing III%er patches.

group pic.jpg


A small number of pro-Trump supporters, III%ers, and white supremacists rode in on motorcycles that they parked in front of the state capitol where a group ‘Salem Stands For Love” was having a rally/counter-protest.

bike plates2.jpeg

bike plates3.jpeg

One of these bikers was Levi James, a white supremacist, who has numerous white power tattoos on his arms. He is recently engaged to Cassi Morgan of Rochester, Washington, and rode in on a Harley Davidson with Oregon license plates 21411


And here are some fans:

use pick.jpg

Including Kyle Nelson, the bonehead posing in the center in a green bomber jacket and MAGA hat.


There was a lot of hostility towards anyone suspected of being with the counter-protesters by the III%ers and ‘Patriots.’ Local copwatchers and citizen journalists were threatened with violence for filming and told to “get back on their side.” For people who say they respect the Constitution and the 1st Amendment they sure were acting in an opposite manner. Some of the the III%ers and ‘Patriots’ were trying to stifle the free press through intimidation tactics. Here’s one video that surfaced on a YouTube channel called “The Common Sense Conservative.”

A III%er verbally assaulted a Black journalist, physically threatened him, and falsely accused him of being a sex offender. See the altercation here:


Person unmasked:


And in this video at about 1:15, the person can be heard confessing, emphatically, that he punched someone in the back of the head during a clash between demonstrators.

Members of the Hell Shaking Street Preachers were there, but their fearless leader Grant Chisholm wasn’t there (he was at the Trump rally in Lake Oswego, though) Two members of the Hell Shaking Street Preachers group were covering their faces with yellow Gadsden Flag ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ masks. They posted a photo on their Facebook page with the caption: “Standing and marching with some like minded patriotic Americans.” That’s funny since they are always telling people to “take off their masks” at protests. One of the Hell Shaking Street Preachers was wearing a hoodie that said “Proud Supporter of the Muslim Ban”.  They didn’t seem to bring any bullhorns either and they’ve been keeping a low profile since bible-thumping bigot street preacher leader Grant Chisholm got punched & knocked out at PDX Airport, Grant Chisholm is the business owner of, Grant Michael Industrial And Antiques, In 2013 he was dubbed “Hipster Fred Phelps” by The Daily Beast. After being knocked out at the airport, Chisholm characterized the protesters as “Anti-Trump terrorists” but he called them that before he was knocked out too, so his ‘post-knock-out views’ haven’t really changed.

Chisholm said that he’s scared for his family and his business. “They’ve been calling and threatening me all day,” he said.


In general, there were a lot of the ‘low hanging fruit’ variety of fascists/nationalists/patriots in addition to lots of average run of the mill Republican style Trump supporters, but there was also lots of bigots seething with rage and celebrating the election of their Neo-Fascist Billionaire King Donald Trump . . . and looking for a fight.

And they got one.

hands off.jpg


Here, we can see anti-immigrant, APII Zone 4 III%er James Heckler, unmasked, running out of the mosh pit after having his face kicked in.

Protesters went back and forth from the steps of the state capitol to the World War 2 Monument a few blocks away where pro-Trump supporters were gathering. Counter-protesters burned an American flag [made in China] then things got more heated. Trump Supporters pushed and shoved and brazenly hit some counter-protesters on the head with their Trump Flag so AntiFA and Black Bloc counter protesters played a game of ‘Capture the Flag’ with them. After the flag was captured, protesters tried to burn the flag but were stopped midway by a III%ers and ‘Patriot’ guy. There was a big scuffle with lots of pushing and shoving and people getting maced by cops. The resulting melee looked like an AntiFA/Black Bloc/III%er Mosh-Pit.

A III%er wearing a “MEDIC” Patch who was later identified as Matthew Curtis Heagy, 31, of Terrebonne sprayed a cop with pepper spray during the melee. Heagy was quickly detained. Oregon State Police said Heagy pepper-sprayed a trooper and also had a concealed firearm. Heagy was charged with felon in possession of a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon. Facebook profile here.


Some anarchists and counter-protesters were pepper sprayed during the events as police tried to separate opposing protesters.

As soon as the Capture the Flag scuffle became a mosh pit, the alt right took this opportunity to sneak up on a couple of black bloc and hit them from behind on the back of the head with a club giving them both concussions and sending them to the hospital where they received advanced treatment. One was a medic, and the other was a minor. Quite the douche bag moves, but what can we expect?

Here is a picture of the bonehead who attacked the black bloc medic. This militia-associated attacker recently moved up here from California.


Footage of the rumble where the medic gets attacked can be found here.

This man is suspected to be the attacker of the minor who had moved back to what he thought was a safe distance from the rumble. Instead, he had his head cracked open. In this picture it is believed the attacker is holding some sort of retractable baton which he used in the attack.


There was lots of obvious collusion between the police and the III%ers and ‘Patriots.” One of the III%er’s, Allen Barker, who was doing security for the event said “We’re just kind of backing up the local police department guys. We never know how many people are going to show up here and try to hurt people or damage our local businesses.” Contrary to the rhetoric a teenager got hit in the head by Trump supporters, and the III%er ‘security’ guys and cops didn’t do much to stop his attacker[s] or detain him/them for questioning.

Towards the end, the police kept the groups totally separate, the police were talking about charging people with ‘rioting’ and all sorts of stuff all day long, and generally doing their best to shut down free speech in the name of ‘maintaining order and safety,” telling people “You need to stay on your side or there will be arrests” and shit like that but in the end they did a shitty job, like they always do.

Another counter protest is planned for Vancouver, Washington on Sunday, April 2nd. This is the heart of KKK country in the PNW. Here, Imperial Wizard Steven Shane Howard is sure to show with all his newly found followers. It won’t be pretty.

Black bloc and Antifa resist at noon 605 Esther St. Vancouver, Washington.

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