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Oct 31, 22

Orlando Turns Out to Defend LGBTQ Center from Threats by Neo-Nazis and Proud Boys

Report on successful community mobilization in defense of a local LFBTQ center in so-called Orlando, Florida. Originally posted to Iron Snowflake and slightly edited for readability and grammar.

In the week leading up to October 29th, different neo-Nazi groups including the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and the National Socialist Movement (NSM) announced that they would assault a Drag Queen Story Hour at The Center in Orlando. Not wanting to bring children into a battlefield, the story hour organizers cancelled the event, but the neo-Nazis vowed to show up anyway. On the day of however, most were a no-show in the face of a powerful mobilization of community defense.

While a handful of Trumpers did come out, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) diverted their members all the way to Kissimee, moving their rally to harass an all-adult event near Icon Park, not far from Sea World. Between antifascists, transgender activists, and beefing between the NSM and other groups, the neo-Nazis ran up the white flag.

The Proud Boys were spotted driving around the area, but none dared to get out of their cars and challenge the defenders of The Center. Nobody spotted any sign of Patriot Front or any of the other remaining fascists. This is a major defeat for them, as they had promised to assemble 60 to 70 militants from at least give different crews to attack the scheduled Drag Queen Story Hour. Instead, only seven protesters showed up, and they were the usual religious nutjobs.

What a beer hall full of cowards!

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