Nov 20, 17

Autonomous Antifa: From the Autonomen to Post-Antifa in Germany

An Interview with Bender, a German Comrade  by Paul O’Banion Bender has been involved in the autonomous movement in Germany since the... Read Full Article

Sep 12, 18

This Is America #29: Open Revolt Just Under the Surface

Welcome, to This Is America, September 11th, 2018. A lot happened over the weekend, from antifascist clashes, noises demonstrations in solidarity with... Read Full Article

Sep 11, 18

An Anarchist Statement on the Fall of Silent Sam & a Call for Solidarity

A short analysis of the situation on the ground in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and a call to support those that have... Read Full Article

Nov 17, 17

Support Autonomous Media & IGD This Winter! New Shirts!

IGD is growing, and everyday we are putting out new and original content, signal boosting news and analysis, and working to connect... Read Full Article