Mar 6, 23

“The Amount of Solidarity is Incredible Here”: Voices on the Frontlines of the Fight to Stop Cop City

“A massive victory,” is how one participant, “Jean,” who spoke to It’s Going Down in a recent interview, described this weekend’s mobilization... Read Full Article

Mar 13, 23

Independent Autopsy Reveals Tortuguita Killed While Seated with Hands Raised

Report from the Atlanta Community Press Collective (ACPC) on the results of an independent autopsy of slain forest defender, Manuel “Tortuguita” Esteban... Read Full Article

Mar 10, 23

After Neo-Nazis Threaten March by Trans Youth, Proud Boys Associate Pulls Gun While Sacramento Police Look On

Over 75 pro-LGBTQ+ and antifascist demonstrators rallied in downtown Sacramento on March 10th, opposing a much smaller anti-trans rally that attracted neo-Nazis... Read Full Article

Mar 1, 23

Cities Across the US Take Part in ‘Week of Action’ Against Cop City

Over the past week, dozens of cities across the so-called US took part in the recent week of action in solidarity with... Read Full Article