May 5, 22

People Push Back Against LAPD and DHS Attempts to Smash Pro-Choice Protest

This article is based on independent analysis of protest footage and information provided by witnesses, written by an anonymous third party. The... Read Full Article

May 9, 22

Off-Duty Police Protecting Forest Destroying Bulldozer Pushed Out of Atlanta Forest by Land Defenders

The following report, submitted anonymously, details how a bulldozer, accompanied by off-duty police, destroyed part of a Dekalb County park, before being... Read Full Article

May 9, 22

Canadian Tire Fire #36: May Day Report Backs, More Direct Action Against RBC

This week we round up some news from International Workers’ Day, or May Day. We also share news from the struggle against... Read Full Article

May 4, 22

Protests Erupt Across the US As Supreme Court Moves to Overturn Roe vs Wade

photo: @VPS_Reports Thousands rallied and hit the streets on Tuesday, after a draft report was leaked by Politico from the US Supreme... Read Full Article