Sep 6, 21

Canadian Tire Fire #11: Overdose Awareness Day, Far-Right Anti-Vax Protests Heat Up, People’s Park Calls for Housing Action

cover image: @MCKennedy_ This week, groups across so-called Canada gathered to remember loved ones lost to overdoses, call for policy change, and... Read Full Article

Sep 15, 21

“Our Enemy Has Always Been the State”: Interview with Indigenous Political Prisoner Fredy García Ramírez

It’s Going Down recently had the chance to talk over the phone with Fredy García Ramírez, an Indigenous Zapotec community organizer and... Read Full Article

Sep 14, 21

Encryption, Cell Phones, and Threats from the Surveillance State: A Presentation from the Civil Liberties Defense Center

On this special edition of the It’s Going Down podcast, we present an audio recording of a recent webinar presentation from the... Read Full Article

Sep 1, 21

Iowa City: Thousands Take to Streets and Attack Frat House at Center of Brutal Sexual Assault

Report on recent riotous student mobilization against a frat well known for carrying out sexual assault in so-called Iowa City, Iowa. Content... Read Full Article