June 19

Report Back on Defending Hamilton Pride from Far-Right

Report from so-called Hamilton, Ontario on the defense of Pride celebrations from far-Right anti-queer religious groups. June 15, 2019: By 2pm the... Read Full Article

June 18

What is Pop-Fascism? On Trump’s Counter Revolution

This text appeared in lundimatin #195 on June 10th, 2019. Marcello Tarì is an independent researcher living between France and Italy. Translated... Read Full Article

June 17

This Is America #78: #MemphisUprising & Detroit Pride

Correction: Recording states that antifascist mobilization in DC is on July 12th when in fact it is on July 6th. Sorry for... Read Full Article

June 17

This Week in Fascism #14: The Alt-Right Will Never Be Anti-Capitalist

Welcome, fellow anti-fascists! This week, we’ve got an explainer on how the Alt-Right will never be anti-capitalist, Proud Boys getting milkshaked at... Read Full Article