Jul 15, 21

The Only Way Out Is Always Through the Police: A History of the Rise and Fall of the 2020 New York Riots

A deep and critical look at the rise and fall of the George Floyd rebellion on the streets of New York and... Read Full Article

Jul 22, 21

This Week In Fascism #116: Proud Boys Confronted in Salem; Injured Protesters to Sue LAPD; Neo-Nazi Proud Boy Running for School Board Outed

Welcome fellow antifascists! Have we got an action packed week for you! From clashes in Los Angeles against anti-trans groups like the... Read Full Article

Jul 19, 21

Canadian Tire Fire #6: Far Right Losses, Neglect in Prison, and a Summer of Encampment Evictions

Yet more unmarked residential school graves were discovered this week, this time near the Kuper Island Industrial School on Penelakut Island in... Read Full Article

Jul 12, 21

Kairos: A Mutual Aid Exodus From Empire

Report from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief about the massive and deadly impact on the coronavirus epidemic and the importance of continued mutual... Read Full Article