Feb 28, 18

Audio Report: Tree Sit Resists Mountain Valley Pipeline in Appalachia

In this audio report, we talk with people on the ground in West Virginia who are fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP),... Read Full Article

May 23, 19

The New Wave of Frontal Attacks on the Carceral State

Report and analysis from CrimethInc. on the spread of struggles against the carceral State and its growing manifestations across the social terrain.... Read Full Article

May 22, 19

Man Not Charged in Stabbing of Person Removing Nazi Stickers

Content Warning: Graphic descriptions of violence. On Thursday April 25th an antifascist, referred to below as “C,” was stabbed multiple times in... Read Full Article

Feb 26, 18

West Virginia: Extend the Strike, Build Long Term Power

What follows is a proposal for how to extend the strike unfolding in West Virginia. To hear our interview with a striking... Read Full Article