Oct 8, 18

It’s Okay To Be (Painted) White: PVD Gives Fash a Makeover

One People’s Project reports back on antifascist mobilization that took place on October 6th in Providence, Rhode Island. PROVIDENCE, RI – After... Read Full Article

Oct 9, 20

Mutual Aid Groups Faced Attacks from Militias and Police After Setting up a Community Hub in Wake of Oregon Wildfires

Agency interviews members of Siskiyou Rising Tide about mutual aid efforts in the Rogue Valley following the devastating Almeda Fire. To support... Read Full Article

Oct 7, 20

How Could Everyday People Stop a Coup?

Autonomous anti-capitalist group, Unity and Struggle, discusses possible scenarios that could play out if Trump attempts to launch a coup and theorizes... Read Full Article

Oct 6, 18

Protest, Zap, Disrupt! Campaign Expands Against Displacement

Analysis and report on the ongoing campaign in Downtown Olympia to fight gentrification, displacement, and closing off of public space. Olympia Solidarity... Read Full Article