Nov 19, 18

Neo-Nazis Quickly Driven Out of Boston Anarchist Bookfair

Members of the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front on Sunday attempted to disrupt the second day of the Boston Anarchist Bookfair. This makes... Read Full Article

Dec 9, 20

As COVID Deaths Explode and End of Eviction Moratorium Looms, Portland Community Beats Back Eviction, Erects Barricades

On Tuesday morning, Portland community members successfully repealed heavily armed and militarized Multnomah County Sheriffs backed by Portland police officers, who were... Read Full Article

Dec 8, 20

This Week in Fascism #86: Antifascist Shot in Olympia; Republican Caught Posting Fake ‘ANTIFA’ Ads on Craigslist

photo: @R3volutionDaddy Welcome fellow antifascists! This week we’ve got massive mix of news, action, and updates. Far-Right ‘Stop the Steal’ rallies continue... Read Full Article

Nov 16, 18

Voices of Collective Power From Nanaimo’s Schoolhouse Squat

Analysis and collection of documents from the recent squat of the Nanaimo Schoolhouse Squat in British Columbia. To listen to our podcast... Read Full Article