Nov 9, 18

Take Your Pick: Law or Freedom

We saw you last night among thousands of other anti-Trump demonstrators around the US. Their signs proclaimed, “No one is above the... Read Full Article

Dec 1, 20

This Week In Fascism: Proud Boys Call to “Exterminate” Their Enemies As “Stop the Steal” Coalition Faces Growing Pains

Welcome fellow antifascists! We start off this week’s column by looking at the evolving far-Right coalition that is evolving out of the... Read Full Article

Dec 1, 20

Prison Break: Cracks Beneath the Ice

Much has happened in the last month: Nobel laureates and interfaith leaders have called for the release of political prisoner David Gilbert... Read Full Article

Nov 6, 18

Of Movements and Midterms: Which Way to Actual Power?

If you weren’t already made excruciatingly aware by the deluge of campaign ads, promotional material, scathing op eds, and speculative media coverage…the... Read Full Article