Aug 17, 23

Canadian Tire Fire #23: Resisting the World Police and Fire Games, Prisoner Justice Day and Tenant Actions

This week we bring you news from Winnipeg, where folks gave a defiant welcome to cops from over 70 countries. We also... Read Full Article

Sep 4, 23

The Kit Carson Obelisk: Santa Fe’s Cult like Worship of a Genocidal Human Trafficker and Murderer

Historical analysis and context of the Kit Carson obelisk that was recently toppled in so-called Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Kit Carson... Read Full Article

Sep 3, 23

In Contempt #32: Running Down the Walls, Epona Rose Released, Prisoner Uprising in Milwaukee

In this column, we present our monthly roundup of political prisoner, prison rebel, and repression news, happenings, announcements, action and analysis. Packed... Read Full Article

Jul 31, 23

Seize the Hospitals!…But How?: Report Back from the Health Autonomy Conference

Critical report back and analysis from members of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation on the recent Health Autonomy Conference that took place... Read Full Article