Jan 1, 22

In Contempt #12: New Year, Same Struggle for Abolition

photo: Forest City Anarchists Happy new year! Welcome to 2022 and the first installment of In Contempt! In today’s column, we have... Read Full Article

Jan 10, 22

Canadian Tire Fire #25: Rage Against Anti-Trans Bill; Solidarity Actions Continue as Coyote Camp Ducks RCMP

This week we have a couple funny anecdotes in the world of anti-fascism, a couple stories we missed in December, and as... Read Full Article

Jan 9, 22

This Week in Fascism #125: Antifascists Set Fire to Patriot Front Materials & Expose New HQ; J6 Rallies Flop Hard

Welcome fellow antifascists! Lots to cover this week as always! Antifascists continue to hound neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, releasing the new address... Read Full Article

Dec 27, 21

Canadian Tire Fire #24: Coyote Camp Retaken as Solidarity Actions Multiply, COVID Spreads in Prisons, Another Winter of Housing Crisis

This week we’re covering two weeks worth of struggle news. On December 21st, 1492 Land Back Lane got another small win when... Read Full Article