Jul 13, 20

State and Police Violence Against Protesters Escalates As Demonstrator Shot in Head with Impact Munition

Statement from Popular Mobilization in Portland, Oregon about the escalation of police and State violence that this weekend led to one demonstrator... Read Full Article

Jul 21, 20

Portland Awakens: A Report From the Front Lines

A report from the front lines of Portland from Defend PDX. by Misanthrophile In the beginning, we were many. We were thousands.... Read Full Article

Jul 21, 20

How Chicago Demonstrators Pushed Back the Police and Nearly Toppled a Statue

A report from CrimethInc. on the recent mass mobilization in Chicago that nearly brought down the Christopher Columbus statue. On July 17,... Read Full Article

Jul 8, 20

Broken Windows, Falling Empires: A Discussion with Kristian Williams

“It is sometimes said that insurgents start with nothing but a cause and grow to strength, while the counter-insurgents start with everything... Read Full Article