Apr 21, 23

These Queers Bash Back: Pittsburgh Anarchists Organize in Response to Transphobic Hate

Report on recent demonstrations in Pittsburgh against anti-trans grifter Michael Knowles. The rise of fascism and transphobia is an existential threat to... Read Full Article

May 8, 23

Judges Uphold Domestic Terrorism Charges Against Stop Cop City Activists

Report from the Atlanta Community Press collective on the ongoing situation faced by forest defenders and Stop City City protesters in so-called... Read Full Article

May 3, 23

This Is America #186: May Day; Fight Against Cop City Continues; Cleveland Anarchist Killed in Ukraine

Welcome, to This Is America, May 3rd, 2023. On today’s episode, first we speak with longtime antifascist organizer, Daryle Lamont Jenkins of... Read Full Article

Apr 17, 23

This Week in Fascism #133: Communities Push Back Against Neo-Nazis and Proud Boys; Campuses Protest Anti-Trans Grifters; Richard Spencer Rides Again

Welcome fellow antifascists! As we enter into the spring, its clear that while the gender fascist wave of violence, harassment and intimidation... Read Full Article