Jan 13, 23

Opponents of Cop City Project in Atlanta Call for ‘Weekend of Solidarity’

Opponents of the “Cop City” project in so-called Atlanta, Georgia – a massive corporate backed counter-insurgency police training facility that threatens to... Read Full Article

Jan 23, 23

Actions and Rallies in Solidarity with Fight Against ‘Cop City’ Grows Over Weekend

photo: Unicorn Riot Last weekend, across more than 20 cities in the so-called United States, hundreds of people took to the streets,... Read Full Article

Jan 21, 23

This Is America #180: An Antifascist Got 20 Years in Prison For Defending Counter-Protesters on J20; Report from Rural PNW

Welcome, to This Is America, January 20th, 2023. On today’s episode, first we speak with autonomous organizers in the rural Pacific Northwest... Read Full Article

Jan 6, 23

Inside the Wood Street Commons Fight Against Displacement

Over the last few months, residents of the Wood Street Commons, a self-organized community located in Oakland, CA have organized protests and... Read Full Article