Aug 16, 21

This Week in Fascism #117: Violence Explodes as Proud Boys Unite with Far-Right Churches and Anti-Vaxxers

cover photo: @AlissaAzar Welcome fellow antifascists! Across the so-called United States, far-Right and fascist forces have embedded themselves within the growing tensions... Read Full Article

Sep 1, 21

Iowa City: Thousands Take to Streets and Attack Frat House at Center of Brutal Sexual Assault

Report on recent riotous student mobilization against a frat well known for carrying out sexual assault in so-called Iowa City, Iowa. Content... Read Full Article

Aug 31, 21

This Week in Fascism #118: Anti-Vaxx & Anti-Mask Movement Gets Violent; Communities Confront Proud Boys; Anti-Immigrant Trump Supporter Threatens DC with Bomb

Welcome fellow antifascists! We’re back again with another action packed column. We bring you antifascist campaign reports from up and down the... Read Full Article

Aug 13, 21

Blood on the Sand: The Department of Justice Investigates the Phoenix PD

A look at the counter-insurgency role of the Department of Justice in investigating the Phoenix Police in the wake of the George... Read Full Article