Oct 30, 23

Neo-Nazi Groups Are Attempting to Worm Their Way into Rallies Against the War on Gaza

On Saturday, October 28th, neo-Nazis with the “National Justice Party,” attempted to rally alongside a pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the White... Read Full Article

Nov 14, 23

Barricades, Rocks and Blockades Shut Down Defense Contractor Raytheon in El Segundo

Report from Black Powder Press on recent direct action and blockade in Southern California against defense contractor, Raytheon. On Monday, November 13th... Read Full Article

Nov 14, 23

Police Attack Protesters As Hundreds March Against Cop City in Atlanta, Halt Construction

Press release on recent mobilization against Cop City in so-called Atlanta that was attacked by police. Originally posted to Stop Cop City... Read Full Article

Oct 17, 23

Thousands Take to the Streets Across US and Canada In Solidarity with Palestine As War in Gaza Escalates

Tens of thousands of people across so-called North America and millions across the world are taking to the streets in solidarity with... Read Full Article