Jul 4, 22

Remembering Dan and Spit: The Anniversary of Fallen Anti-Fascists

Text remembering two members of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) who were murdered in so-called Las Vegas by neo-Nazis. Originally posted to Abolition Media.... Read Full Article

Jul 26, 22

When the Floods Come: Mutual Aid in the Face of Rising Waters in Appalachia

A personal reflection of the recent floods in Appalachia and their impact on autonomous and mutual aid organizing. I hate floods. The... Read Full Article

Jul 22, 22

Big Brick Energy: A Multi-City Study of the 2020 George Floyd Uprising

A critical overview and analysis from Unity and Struggle on the George Floyd rebellion. Check out a booklet version here. by: Ever,... Read Full Article

Jul 1, 22

“They Cannot Control Our Bodies”: A Report From DC On the Night of the Dobbs Decision

A report from Washington DC on the recent black bloc mobilization on June 24th, in response to attacks by the Supreme Court... Read Full Article