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Apr 30, 23

Patriot Front Leader Exposed in Flyers in Ann Arbor

Report on antifascist action against a member of the neo-Nazi group, Patriot Front, at the University of Michigan.

Thanks to various antifascists, “Alan MI” — the leader of the Michigan cell of the fascist organization Patriot Front — has been exposed as Jackson Rex, an undergraduate student at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor. The full article and a printable flyer can be found here.

Jackson is graduating this year so we made sure that his last week would be extra memorable for him by flyering all over campus and Ann Arbor, especially areas that other Ross students and parents visiting for graduation would see. His involvement in a fascist organization and his racist vandalism of the Ypsilanti Black Lives Matter mural deserve to be known by his classmates, friends, and family.

The University of Michigan put a lot of effort into removing the flyers we put up (probably more effort than responding to concerns about their neo-Nazi student), but they kept going up. Fuck U of M and anyone else who shields fascists.

No safe spaces for nazis.

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