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Aug 10, 17

That Pedo Over There: ‘Unite the Right’ Not Sending Us Their Best in Charlottesville

The Alt-Right is on track to catch up with liberals and Donald Trump by developing the capacity to organize stale rallies with multiple speakers you saw last month saying all the same things you heard at the last protest. Hail boredom!

But with the Unite the Neo-Nazis protest happening in Charlottesville, VA just in a few days, senor Groucho wants to bring a few things to your attention – because, damn, fuck these people.

We Must Secure A Future For Our Wife Beating Informants and their FBI Handlers

Remember when Big Nazi in Charge Jason Kessler got butthurt that the KKK was protesting in support of the same statute he wants to make sweet passionate love to because it made him look bad? He even said:

In an email, Kessler called Barker “an FBI informant and multiple felon” and claimed that he was “being paid by left-wing groups to discredit legitimate conservatives.”

“Someone is trying to discredit my rally by bringing in this jackass,” Kessler wrote.”

Yeah – ok, Jason!

Well, those same people are now coming to his rally! My, what tangled webs we weave. Yes that’s right, the Loyal White Knights are coming out to Charlottesville once again to join their neo-Nazi brothers and white Shariaed sisters for a big ol’ Nazi jamboree.

Chris Barker: hates ZOG, loves the FBI.

In case you’re not up on the latest haps, seems the so-called “Loyal” White Knights are actually quite loyal not to muh wayat race – but the feds! Yes, the leader of the LWK, Chris Barker, reports all the way to the FBI, Clariece. According to VICE: 

Glendon Scott Crawford was a man with a dream: He wanted to build a mobile radioactive ray gun to kill Muslims in the US. One problem with that dream was the only people who offered to help him were FBI informants and undercover agents.

Crawford is currently being tried in federal court in New York State, and faces at least 15 years if found guilty of terrorism charges. On Tuesday the jury heard recordings of conversations between him and Chris Barker, the Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and an FBI informant, who was taping the call.

“First, the Mexican invasion, now the Muslim invasion. They are trying to strike the death blow to American culture,” Crawford tells Barker on one tape, as the Albany Times Union reported. “Technology is such that you can build a (device) and put it in the van… a couple of Klans, a couple of chapters, would have to get together.”

An average tale really, just a neo-Nazi that wants to build a death ray gun and a KKK leader who happened to work for the government he thinks is controlled by the Jews. According to the SPLC: 

In 2015, he was witness cooperating with prosecutors in the trial against Glendon Scott Crawford, a member of the United Northern and Southern Knights. Crawford was convicted of attempting to build a radiation weapon to kill Muslims in upstate New York. Barker recorded his phones calls with Crawford for the FBI, hoping to receive a lesser sentence on a firearms conviction. His testimony last year in New York didn’t help him when he was again arrested on federal weapons charged this summer in South Carolina.

We should also keep in mind that the Loyal White Knights were also one of the groups which were spearheading what became the Nationalist Front, which is now run by Matthew Heimbach, the NSM, and the League of the South, however the LWK were quietly removed once the group launched. Problems for the group continued to the point where in North Carolina, members actually stabbed each other after a planned march in late 2016 developed into a total shit show.

But seems Barker’s buddies at the FBI have helped him get out of another tricky situation after he beat the shit out of his wife: 

[W]hen Barker began working for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and [he] came under their considerable powers of protection…[and] has had a seemingly revolving ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card.

Thirty-seven year-old Christopher Barker has been arrested over 50 times on an extravagant plethora of charges in recent years, but has never been to prison. These charges have included several assaults, innumerable alcohol related offenses, malicious arson, making threatening phone calls, aggravated assault, several arrests for beating up his wife, illegal purchase or possession of firearms, larceny, burglary—forcible entry, possessing stolen goods, threats/intimidation, and numerous other charges.

Just another example of the shimmering and wonderful cross section of the master race that is coming out to Unite the Right!

“Neo-Nazi Child Molester Did Nothing Wrong”

Bill Riccio (aka William E. Davidson), who rose to prominence in the 1980s while working to bring together KKK groups with neo-Nazi skinheads and who famously appeared in the 1992 documentary Skinheads: Soldiers of the Race War, is apparently coming to Unite the Right.

While it’s not news that a neo-Nazi dipshit with a long history of arrests for things they say black people only do is coming to the event, the fact that Ricco even feels comfortable attending, based on his history of rape and informing on his bro bears, speaks volumes.

Yeah – I’d make that face too. TFW your only friend is a Nazi scumbag pedo rapist. Unite the Right goys!

And for anyone not up on their early 1990s Hitler praising kid touchers, it is widely known that Riccio used his position in leadership of a group the Aryan National Front (ANF) to pressure neo-Nazi teenage skinheads, many runaways, into sex at his neo-Nazi “love shack” in Alabama. Under Riccio’s direction, neo-Nazi skinheads also carried out at least 4 murders.

“I’m here to save the white race and fiddle little boys – and the white race has been genocided.” PS – sick pocket protector bruh, protect that white paper!

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center who conducted interviews with former skinheads:

[Riccio] continues to cruise shopping malls, rock concerts and swimming holes in search of young recruits, who might be well advised to heed the warnings of the Painter brothers and several other members of the previous generation of Riccio’s toy soldiers.

Now grown men, they uniformly describe Riccio as a master manipulator who exploited them emotionally and, in some cases, sexually. “I’d get extremely drunk and ride off in the car with him, then he’d perform oral sex on me,” says Ronnie Painter, who says he remembers at least four such sexual encounters with Riccio. Afterwards, “He’d apologize and then call me three or four times a day asking me if I was mad at him,” says Ronnie.

Lonnie Painter says that one night during a party at the compound, Riccio plied him with alcohol and gave him a few red pills. He says he woke up with Riccio on top of him, groping between his legs. “I was scared to try and leave right then,” says Lonnie. “When he went to work, I packed my shit and got my [grand]momma to come get me. I never slept at his house again.”

As one of Riccio’s former skinheads, Louis Oddo, puts it, “There’s no telling how many lives and families this guy has fucked up.”

Even a member of the Confederate Hammerskins stated:

“We went off alone to a trail in the woods,” Kenny Loggins said in a telephone interview from [prison]. “We were talking and drinking. His exact words were, ‘Have you ever wanted to defy nature?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Have you ever wanted to make love to another man?'”

According to his story, Riccio tried to reach between his legs. Loggins says he then knocked Riccio back and ran away. He was 15 at the time.

“The guy’s a child molester and I know it without a doubt,” says Loggins. “Back then, I tried to tell people about it but everyone was like, ‘Not Bill.’ As time went on, they would come to me and say, ‘You were right about Bill.'”

Many accuse Riccio of also being a federal informant, perhaps as a way to avoid jail time over connections to the various murders and attacks his followers carried out. Moreover, Riccio was close to Roger Handley, a KKK leader who was also accused of raping underage boys. 14 words all day everyday!

Don’t worry though Riccio – Heimbach got your back. Faith, family, and folk!

Baked Alaska Hits on 13-Year Old Girl, Livestream Fans Say “Grab Her by the Pussy”

Professional livestreamer and moron Tim Treadstone aka “Baked Alaska, who is also speaking at the Unite the Right protest, recently went to ComicCon and while there decided to hit on a 13 year old girl and ask for her phone number. During the hard to watch encounter, Alaska fans wrote, “Grab her by the pussy,” to which Gionet replied by reaching out and attempting to touch the young girl. Check the video below.

Here’s 14 words for you: Stop hitting on young children and trying to fuck them you sick fucking bastards.

Now take my trash can and throw it in the street!


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