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Mar 21, 17

Pennsylvania Libertarians Invite Fascist Augustus Invictus To Speak on Immigration

“It has been said that I associate with neo-Nazis and skinheads. You’re goddamn right I do. I am a criminal defense lawyer, and I am proud of the work I have done for the American Front.”

Augustus Invictus

Editor’s Note: The Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has canceled the Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival. According to Steve Scheetz, one of the official organizers for both the MALF and the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party 2017 Convention (and Facebook friends with Austin Gillespie), they are currently trying to find another venue

On Saturday, April 1st, 2017, the opening event of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania convention will be the “Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival and Soiree,” which brings together Libertarian Party members and activists together from across the region. The event will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania.

From 2pm – 3pm, the soiree with feature invited fascist organizer and speaker, August Invictus, real name Austin Gillespie, who has a long history of networking and organizing alongside neo-Nazi, Alt-Right, and white supremacist groups, to take part in a debate on immigration. While some within the Libertarian Party think that this is the “best way” to confront Austin Gillespie’s views, it is actually helping to normalize and cement them as an acceptable position within the party. Meanwhile, others are openly embracing the fascist and white supremacist position within the Libertarian movement and see Gillespie as a leader. People on social media have also stated that the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania also gave $1,500 to the “Liberty Fest,” and have promoted the event through emails.

Promotional email to Libertarian Party members from the Pennsylvania branch promoting the event.

A youtube/podcast interview with Gillespie that appeared on Red Ice TV. Red Ice is a white nationalist media platform. Notice how Gillespie is openly promoting his connections within the Libertarian Party. Radio Fourteen also refers to the “14 Words,” a saying popularized by David Lane, a member of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi terrorist organization The Order, which planted bombs and carried out murders in the 1980s.

Such a push is also not isolated just to Gillespie, as across the US, there is a growing attempt by factions within Libertarianism to merge with the Alt-Right. Invictus, along with popular podcasters and youtuber Stefan Molyneux, the Hoppee Caucus who brought white supremacist Richard Spencer to the International Students for Liberty Conference, ‘anarcho’-capitalists attempting to host Richard Spencer in a debate in Florida, and ‘anarcho’-capitalists who have organized a series of pro-Trump rallies in Berkeley, have all pushed Libertarianism into more racist and fascist directions. Will the Libertarian Party itself be next?

White nationalist speaker and writer Jack Donovan tattooed this on Gillespie’s back, and it features an eagle carrying a fasces, a symbol which represents fascism.

Who is behind bringing Gillespie to speak? The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s 2017 Convention and Soiree Facebook page lists Greg Faust as the official contact of the convention and for the Soiree event. Greg Faust is also a member of the ‘Radical Caucus’ within the Libertarian Party, known as LPRadicals, which by and large makes up the “anarcho”-capitalist wing of the Libertarian Party. Greg Faust is also a Facebook friend of Augustus Invictus.

Pennsylvania Libertarian Party Convention organizer Greg Faust is Facebook friends with fascist Augustus Invictus.

Greg Faust is listed along with Steve Scheetz on the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s website as one of the official organizers of the Convention in 2017.

Steve Scheetz is also a Facebook friend of Augustus Invictus. He along with Greg Faust are helping to organize the Libertarian Party convention in Pennsylvania.

Gillespie has attempted to make a ‘career’ off of portraying himself as a “bad boy” within Libertarian circles, much like Milo Yiannopoulos in the wider Right, and also through his attempts to speak at a variety of occult events across the country. Currently, Gillespie is pushing his new website, the Revolutionary Conservative, which is a mix of white nationalist, ‘anarcho’-capitalist, ‘national’ anarchist, fascist, and national capitalist thinkers, authors, and podcasts. In short, Augustus is trying to meld the libertarian world with Alt-Right, white nationalist, and fascist ideas. As Augustus wrote in January 2017 on the about section of the website:

The Revolutionary Conservative will present brutally honest commentary addressing the themes of current political issues, the restoration of the American republic, and the defense of Western Civilization. In doing so, we will eschew the tired format of modern journalism, which pretends to be unbiased while pushing their paymasters’ hidden agenda. This will be a revolutionary paper, as of old, with a definite objective: the defense of the West, starting with the restoration of the American republic.

It was pamphleteers like our colonial forefathers who made possible the first American Revolution. It was Paine’s Common Sense and Jefferson’s Summary View of the Rights of British America that educated the public and prepared them for independence. We aim to do likewise in preparing Our Fellow Americans to declare themselves independent from the globalists, the leftists, and the international financiers.

May God help us in our task. May we conquer or die.

Gillespie has already spent years attempting to bring the Libertarian Party into neo-Nazi circles, and has openly embraced fascism as a political ideology and eugenics. In March of last year, he attempted to speak at an event organized by the American Front, a neo-Nazi organization made up of racist skinheads. The speaking event like others last year, was an attempt to drum up support among white supremacists and the Alt-Right for us run for Senate on the Libertarian Party ticket in Florida. Many people within the party itself wanted nothing to do with him; the Florida Party chairman actually resigned out of disgust. However it seems that many newcomers, perhaps energized by Gary Johnson’s run for President, are still buying the fascist snake oil. Recently, Augustus has also openly attacked the formal leadership of the Libertarian Party, yet many still embrace him.

Gillespie speaking in front of a “Rock Against Communism” banner. RAC was a collection of far-Right and neo-Nazi bands that opposed anti-racist and anarchist musical acts in the 1980s in the UK.

In the spring of last year, Augustus spoke in front of another neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement, who is known to openly parade around with Nazi banners, deny the Holocaust, and praise Adolf Hitler. There is also evidence that Gillespie was once a member of the NSM. Here’s a shot from a website promoting him speaking, notice the swastika:

Invictus also worked as a lawyer to represent neo-Nazis in court:

As a lawyer, Invictus represented white supremacist Marcus Faella of the American Front, working on Faella’s appeal for his conviction on two counts of teaching and conducting paramilitary training with the intention of starting a race war. While defense lawyers typically have all sorts of clients, Invictus writes about the white supremacist Faella as being “my friend” on the Invictus for Senate website. In fact, on February 27th of this year Invictus spoke at an American Front gathering in Washington state.

Gillespie has already been dropped and banned from a variety of speaking events and conferences. While he often boils this down to his non-mainstream religious views, it’s quite clear that Gillespie has direct links to white supremacists and openly supports their program. Why does the Libertarian Party welcome him with open arms then? Will Libertarians become simply another section of the Alt-Right, or will they draw lines against racism, white supremacy, and patriarchy?

One thing is clear, as long as fascists like Augustus Invictus are welcomed with open arms at Libertarian events, even their diluted view of “Liberty” can’t be taken seriously, as more and more, Libertarians openly embrace fascism as a vehicle to achieve a society ruled by private property, profit, and markets.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is located at:  

3915 Union Deposit Road #223 Harrisburg, PA

Greg Faust:

(844) 725-4237


17109 1-800 R-Rights or 1-800-774-4487

Email Greg Faust: 

[email protected]

Hilton in Harrisburg: 

(717) 233-6000

Script for Calling and Emailing:

“Hello, I am angered that a fascist and fellow traveler of neo-Nazis known as Augustus Invictus, actual name Austin Gillespie, is being given an open platform to speak at your conference and spread his racist views in an open debate. It seems that there is a connection between Greg Faust and Steve Scheetz, two convention organizers and Invictus. Why is this? Will the Libertarian Party embrace the Alt-Right, neo-Nazism, and white supremacy, or will it reject them?”

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