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Nov 17, 18

People of Color, Trans, Two-Spirit, and Women’s Action Camp Coming Up This Fall

Upcoming two-spirit, trans, and women’s action camp for people of color. Learn below below and check out how to donate.

This camp is a space for:

Vouched in women of color, who are cis, trans and gender non conforming, any and all femme, non binary and non men identifying folx. i. e. =NO DUDES=

Financial Support:

Currently in the process of raising funds. We would really like to be able to offer travel funds + compensation for workshop facilitators.


This gathering is for a People of Color Trans Two-spirit Women Action Camp (POC TTWAC) on occupied land this Fall 2k18 to build skills, foster solidarity, and share knowledge. We oppose the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, capitalism, white supremacy and cis heteropatriarchy. We individually and collectively gather with the intention to challenge the heteronormative and commodifying lens that has colonized indigenous communities. Building skills and sharing knowledge to empower POC on an individual and communal level. Sharing practical skills so that we can spread knowledge in all 4 directions to arm our communities to ready ourselves for the protection of our people and the earth against corporate greed, genocide, resource extraction and the growth of colonization.

Our Objectives:

-To provide a space for participants to develop skills that are not usually accessible to TTWOC (trans, two-spirit, women of color) in order to establish autonomy from white supremacist and patriarchal systems.
-To engage in conversations that are usually not prioritized because TTWOC are constantly on the defense against white supremacy and patriarchy. Conversation such as Colorism, Transphobia, disability, Anti-blackness, Privilege regarding documented status, economic privileges……
-To build relationships with other TTWOC folks in our communities organizing in different capacities, with the intention to build trust and solidarity along our intersections.

To learn more or donate, click here.

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