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Dec 12, 19

Peter Gelderloos on the Changing Terrain of Revolt and Empire

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we again speak with Peter Gelderloos, author of Anarchy Works, How Non-Violence Protects the State, and Worshiping Power. We cover a lot of ground in our discussion, talking about the recent riots Catalonia, the new wave of revolts against austerity and State repression, the Trump impeachment crisis, climate change, and global conflicts and economic instability.

During our conversation, Peter also addresses the fall of US hegemony on the world stage, the increasingly decentralized nature of modern resistance movements, common themes among newly emerging struggles, and the growth of groups such as Extinction Rebellion.

If you’re looking for far-reaching and hard hitting anarchist analysis of the current situation – this is it and we hope that it offers the start of a dialog on what could possibly lay just on the horizon.

More Info: Peter Gelderloos on Twitter, Anarchy Works, and Worshiping Power.

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