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Aug 22, 18

Philadelphia, PA: Call for an Anti-Authoritarian Bloc in Mobilization Against ‘Blue Lives Matter’ March

A call for an anti-authoritarian bloc at an upcoming mass mobilization against a ‘Blue Live Matter’ march in Philadelphia, PA.

This Saturday, August 25th, fascists and authoritarians are hosting a Blue Lives Matter March in Philadelphia featuring local and state Republican candidates, including Scott Wagner, and various former law enforcement agents. The organizers are not only pro-police, but anti-immigrant, anti-trans, anti-Muslim, and connected with other more explicitly racist elements in the broader authoritarian Right. In response, a broad coalition is assembling at City Hall at 11AM to make a firm rejection of their authoritarian politics and the police altogether.

This is a call for an anti-authoritarian bloc within that action. Meet at City Hall at 11AM and look for the black flags. Wear all black and cover your face if that feels enticing. Below are some resources on safely using this sort of tactic. Be ready to be mobile! Fuck the police!

In Solidarity with the (inter)national prison strike,
against all police, prisons and borders,
– Anarchists with Conflictual Aspirations Bloc

Some Helpful Resources:

How to Form an Affinity Group
Blocs, Black and Otherwise
Fashion Tips for the Brave
Resistance, Rebellion & Repression: Questions to Consider When You’re In the Streets

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