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Dec 23, 17

Philadelphia, PA: ATMs Sabotaged in Solidarity with Scout Schultz and Alexis Grigoropoulos

Stock photo from ABC

The following anonymous communique was submitted to the anarchist counter-information website, Philly Anti-Capitalist, which we repost below.

The communique reads:

In celebration of Black December some anarchists in Philly decided to take a leisurely winter stroll downtown and put a stall in the commerce-shit-capitalism of nearly every ATM in the financial heart of the city.

We took non-corrugated cardboard cut down to the width and half the length of an ATM card with super-glue applied to one side, and jammed them into the card slot of the machine or the card slot for the entry to the vestibule. It was surprisingly easy to do and more than 50 targets got got!

This attack was super low key! All we needed was to dress in the normal winter attire for a below freezing night (faces covered, gloves etc), wipe down our tools, and walk around with the assured confidence of boring yuppies. This time of year has prime weather for looking unassuming and concealing your identity while carrying out all kinds of illegal activities, so don’t be afraid to try this at home! We felt super chill and productive!

This attack was carried out with the memory of Scout Schultz and Alexis Grigoropoulos on our minds, and is dedicated to all those resisting state repression.

For the death of capital and reclamation of our lives!
Money is death sabotage is fun!
Let us light up these dark winter nights with a big fuck you to you know who!
May the burning flames of anarchy warm us this winter & on & on

happy black december y’all

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