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Nov 10, 16

Philladelphia: Fragments from Last Night’s Anti-Trump March

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A few more things happened last night (11/9) then the cops and news are letting on. We were going to skip the march altogether until we heard that people had burned flags and surrounded the cops who tried to make arrests. We never found the flag burners but we still had fun. Here’s some moments from the night:

When we found the demonstration it was huge and full of energy. The march seemed to be mostly college kids, but not only. Cops couldn’t keep track of the whole thing because of how big it was, especially in the tight North Philly streets.

Some young people ripped down some “VOTE NOV 8” and run off cackling, vanishing into the crowd.

Chants that “Philly hates Trump” are nice, others that mention “this is what democracy looks like” seem to miss the point.

Masked strangers ask each other if they want to walk together, a small black bloc comes together. Anti-Trump stickers and fireworks go up, people clap and smile.

No one is the peace police, but we’re still reminded that doing graffiti is “not what we’re here for” even though it’s definitely part of what we’re there for.

A Rite-Aid truck almost becomes the canvas for an anti-trump message but the artist is interrupted by a plainclothes cop, the cop in turn, is interrupted by some masked people. Everyone gets away unscathed, except the truck. “FUCK TR”

A bunch of the light columns on Broad St are redecorated with anti-police tags.

Stickers and fireworks run out and people who wanted some are let down. Those of us who brought too little are also let down, more stuff next time?

It’s proposed that an American flag is burned but the bearers don’t want to. A lot of people are here because they are upset Hillary Clinton lost, they don’t seem critical of democracy or America or whatever.

A couple cop vehicles are tagged, surprisingly many people holler and clap. I guess anti-cop stuff is always in.

The march approaches the highway but police have formed a line in front of the ramp, after some chanting and an unfortunate firework we all leave toward city hall instead.

Fuck Trump!

Rebels To The Street!

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