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Dec 19, 19

Phone Zap 12/23: Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble Thrown in Lock-Up for Defending Fellow Prisoner

Call to support long-term anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble, who recently was placed in segregation at Holman Correctional in Alabama for coming to the defense of another prisoner who was being beat by guards.

Supporters have learned that anarchist prisoner, writer, and organizer Michael Kimble was recently placed in segregation at Holman Correctional, in Alabama, for allegedly coming to the defense of a fellow prisoner who was being beaten by guards. He is urgently asking for support in attaining transfer to a new facility.

Michael has been politically active behind bars for many years, in particular helping agitate for the 2016 national prison strike, which made waves across the country and largely started as the brainchild of prison rebels at Holman. He is also the author of several zines, and his writing can be found at

Due to his political activity he has frequently faced retaliation and punishment from guards and the DOC riot squad. Just this past week, after being placed in lock-up, a guard visited his cell to threaten him. Michael immediately wrote to one supporter, “I need you to spread the word that I desire an immediate transfer because I fear for my safety. They can have another prisoner do their dirty work. These are pigs on the CERT (riot squad) who have been assigned here since 2016…I know they plan to retaliate. That’s what they do.”


Please take the time to call these numbers:

Alabama DOC Commissioner’s Office (Ask for Commissioner Jeff Dunn) 334.353.3883

Holman Correctional (Ask for Warden Cynthia Stewart) 251.368.8173

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“My name is ______, and I am calling out of urgent concern for Alabama inmate Michael Kimble, who is currently on lock-up at Holman Correctional. He was placed on lock-up without due process, and without the paperwork and notices that are required by law to notify him of whatever infraction is alleged. He has also been the subject of physical threats by Corrections Officers while in lock-up. His safety is at risk, and he needs to be transferred to a facility where he is safe from reprisal and physical retaliation.”

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